How to Find the Best Text Messaging App for Android Users

Text messaging plays an integral role as far as communication across the globe is concerned. Although all phones come with pre-installed text messaging apps, managing an already installed android app can be an uphill task. Some of the messaging apps are not customized enough to perform certain messaging tasks.

Others lack important features, while some are vague. However, Android developers have many messaging app alternatives on the play store that you can install to enhance your messaging experience. Take a look at this list to choose your best text messaging app for Android for a better texting experience.

Microsoft SMS Organizer

Are you looking for a messaging app that is powerful and rich in features? Look no further than Microsoft SMS Organizer. This is the most powerful and feature-rich texting app you can ever lay your hands on. 

Microsoft SMS Organizer is free and easy to use. The app enjoys both compatibility and development support from Microsoft. 

If you love automatic segregation, then this app offers that. You’ll only see important messages while saving other messages in different tabs for later viewing.

If you love to organize and keep your text messaging app clean, Microsoft SMS Organizer will serve you pretty well. 

Textra SMS for Android

Textra is among the best Android texting apps available in the play store. It keeps on improving its features and is more customizable than ever. The SMS app shines in the market for its user-friendliness. 

You can change everything from Textra, ranging from color, font size, bubbles, customized background, and dark mode. The text delivery reports in this app automatically save pictures from texts to your gallery. 

You cannot open any apps while sending texts because of the quick compose bar option present in your notification panel. Most android messaging apps don’t have features that are present in Textra. Other android texting apps also lack an optional in-app purchase, which isn’t the case with Textra.

Google Messages Is One of the Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

If you’re looking for the best texting app on your Android, you might be looking very far when it’s just within your reach. Google Messages is the best overall text messaging app with the most basic features. You probably have used Google Messages without knowing unless your phone manufacturer installs a custom app.

Google Messages boast many useful features, making it the best if you’re not a fan of customized android messaging apps. With Google Messages, you can send and receive texts from your computer, make calls over Wi-Fi, and send texts for free. Enjoy fast, easy, and customizable options when you download this app.

Other features you’ll enjoy from using Google Messages include smart replies, different themes, RCS-support, emojis, stickers, and more

Chomp Messaging App for Android

Are you looking for a more customized texting app? Chomp messaging app is a stock text and multimedia messaging app, which comes with various customizable features. It’s similar to Textra but comes with more options. 

With modern technology, people like having pictures behind their text messages to improve the aesthetics. Chomp SMS provides that in the form of background wallpaper. It also allows you to customize the color notifications for each of your contacts as you wish.  

This app contains various themes that can personalize your texting experience. Such themes include group MMS, scheduled SMS sending, delayed send, number blocking, and pinning your favorite conversations to the top. This also boasts of a quick compose feature just like Textra. 

You can long-press messages for more options and easily blacklist numbers from texting you. Chomp SMS works with Mighty Text, Pushbullet and supports dual SIM for texting.

Pulse SMS for Android

Pulse SMS is another best texting apps that can provide you with customizable features. It originates from the old Evolve SMS app developer, which is popular in the android world. Its alternative controls and options make it an excellent alternative for a text app.

You can’t only customize every aspect of this essential app, but you can apply entire themes with a lot of ease. There’re endless options you can get from Pulse SMS. They include downloading additional themes from third-party creators.

Other features from Pulse SMS include private messages, batch-deletes, text-message backup options, Wi-Fi messaging, password encryption, and archives. You can send and view GIFs and videos inside Pulse SMS. This app is fast, easy, and works with Wear OS.

Handcent Next SMS

This messaging app for Android is suitable for people who don’t like simple default app. It’s the most advanced and customized texting app that you can find on the Google Play Store. It’s too customizable, making it tricky to set up. 

Once you master Handcent Next SMS, it’s the best texting app you can ever use. The new revamped Handcent has important features such as quick reply pop-ups, themes, skins, vCards, and a robust backup and restoration system. These features allow you to save your entire text message collection and use your custom settings.

Another feature that puts this app on the list of the best messaging apps is sending messages to other Handcent Next users over Wi-Fi free. You can even use it anywhere to send texts from your PC. It’s the best app to have if you want to control everything on your Android.

While choosing your SMS application for android, especially for business purposes, you need to learn more about Velocity NP Routing and how it ensures your messages are delivered accurately.

Have You Found Your Texting App?

While this may not be an exhaustive list of the best text messaging app for Android, you won’t go without finding one that suits your needs. These apps come with plenty of features and options at your disposal. Remember to choose wisely because not all of them can work for you.

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