5 Major Signs That You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

You should expect to get into a car accident. 4.4 million Americans required medical attention after an accident in 2019. That counts for nearly two percent of the country. 

After a car accident, a lot of thoughts will go through your head. You will want to be with your family and recover from your injuries.

Filing a car accident lawsuit may not be on your itinerary, but hiring a car accident lawyer is necessary for many instances. Knowing what those are is the first step toward protecting yourself and getting compensation.

Here are five signs you need to hire a lawyer. 

1. You Have Significant Injuries 

Most car accidents do not result in any injuries. You may suffer a bruise from hitting your steering wheel, or you may have whiplash. 

But if you suffer from injuries that required hospitalization, you should contact a lawyer. You need to cover medical bills and lost work wages. Your insurance may give you partial coverage, and you will need a lawyer to fight for the rest. 

2. You Were At Fault 

A person can be at fault in an accident through small mistakes. If you fail to signal before a turn, you may become at fault if that turn causes an accident. 

A lawyer will defend you in court and in front of your insurer. They can visit the accident site and view more angles of the area. They can use this information to point out blind spots that kept you from noticing the injured person.

3. The Accident Involved a Corporate Vehicle 

Companies will file lawsuits if one of their vehicles got damaged. Corporate legal teams have years of experience and adopt aggressive tactics in court.

If you are facing a corporate legal team, you need a personal injury lawyer of your own. Find someone with experience dealing with corporations. Your average car accident lawyer may struggle against an experienced team. 

4. A Few People Are Involved 

The more people involved in your accident, the higher the likelihood for legal action. If you are not at fault, you can join a lawsuit with others. This increases your chance to receive a large settlement. 

The person who is at fault may try to cast blame on everyone involved. Hiring a car accident attorney will allow you to fight back against this claim. 

5. The Accident Is High-Profile 

Car accidents can make the news if celebrities are involved or if many people get injured. The media may hound you while you are recovering. 

Lawyers have experience talking to the media. They can act as your spokespeople, providing relevant information to reporters. The press will go to your lawyer instead of you, and you can focus on your recovery. 

When You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer is not an ambulance chaser. They fight for you when you are at your worst moment. 

Your insurance may not cover all costs after you have significant injuries. If you were at fault, you need protection in court.

You can expect a lawsuit if the accident involved a corporate vehicle or injured several people. A high-profile accident draws the media, and a lawyer can fend the press off. 

Get the facts you need to protect yourself. Follow our coverage for more legal guides.