5 React Projects Your Company Should Build in 2021

Programming and development platforms are continuously evolving. In the business sector, both are the driving force in gaining potential customers. If you’re ready to woo your supporters, build some react projects. 

React is an open-source JavaScript library that’s easy to learn and use. The simplicity of this technology allows you to learn its process and build within a few days. That’s major if you come from a JavaScript world. 

The flexibility and performance of React saves time and costs for your business. Its core framework has a virtual DOM program that makes your projects run faster. 

Are you searching for a way to delight your customers and add value to your business? Find out here, these five React projects your company should build in 2021.

1. Social Media App

Building a social media app using React is one of the best ways to create a diverse customer base. Features like posting, commenting, and sharing allow you to show off the value of your business.

With React, you can customize different features to take the look of the app to the next level. Enable users the freedom of modifying their profiles to their own preferences. 

2. E-Commerce App

E-commerce is a great way to expand your business’s brand online. It gives your customers 24-hour access to branded products and services. 

React helps you do that when you use it to build an e-commerce site.

With it, customers can add or remove items from their online shopping cart. They also have the ability to check out with credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Check out react development services to find out how to do this. This way, you increase your company’s reach and open up multiple marketing opportunities.

3. Video Sharing App

TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are here to stay. Why not join the club by using React to build a video-sharing app for your business’s brand? 

Build an app where users can find your videos across browsers like YouTube. Insert a video-sharing app on your e-commerce site that allows customers to brag about products.

Give it the ability to record short-snap videos to share on your social media feeds. This was you involve almost every age demographic of your customers.

4. Messaging App

Messaging apps are the modern trend for communication. People can interact instantly all over the world. 

React can help you build an instant messaging app to engage with your customers. Customers can then use this same messaging feature to communicate with each other on a Q&A forum.

With this app, you also have an open 24-hour, real-time line of communication with your customers.

5. Productivity App

Want to know how your team stacks up in the office. Build a productivity app. A team management app helps managers ensure no one on the team falls through the cracks. 

Managers can check in with team members on the app for help on projects and general productivity. This way, they catch small issues before they balloon into bigger problems. 

Use React to make this app web-based or React Native for mobile platforms.

Start Your React Projects Right Now

React projects are the missing elements your business needs to become a value-based company. Turn things around in 2021. Let your developers use this platform to take your biz to the next level.

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