5 Must-Know Brewery Marketing Tips

Did you know that since 2005, the craft brewing industry has grown by 300%? This is the perfect time to own a brewery!

But with unprecedented growth comes a serious challenge — how are you supposed to stand out?

Below, you’ll find five affordable and effective brewery marketing tips that are sure to help. So make sure to keep reading!

1. Conduct a Market Audit

To turn your brewery marketing strategies around, you’ll first need to understand what needs improvement.

Gather metrics from your website and social channels, as well as your sales figures, and start looking for patterns.

Is there a day each week where you see a surge in sales? Consider running specials that day.

Or maybe you’re not getting as much social engagement as you’d like. Investing more into your social media might help.

Take a look at the industry as a whole, too. Especially when it comes to your local competition, understanding what’s working for others can help you bolster your future efforts. Don’t be afraid to borrow a few tactics.

2. Find a Unique Angle

Since the industry is growing increasingly crowded, the more you can do to differentiate yourself from your competitors, the better.

Find ways in which your clientele isn’t currently served. By targeting those pain points, you can succeed where your competition fails.

For example, you could invest in brewing and distilling equipment or concoct exciting new flavor combinations.

3. Think Like Your Customers

Figuring out how to market a brewery is tough if you’re only thinking about it from a business perspective. But don’t forget to consider who matters most at the end of the day — your customers.

Put yourself in their shoes and think about the changes you’d like to see.

Rest assured, if you put out products people want and make them convenient to access, you’ll see an uptick in customers.

4. Stay Socially Active

Your web presence matters as much as your brewery itself, especially when it comes to social media and reviews. Research shows that 97% of people rely on reviews when making a purchasing decision.

Give your customers opportunities to interact with your brand and tell others about how great your beer is.

Be sure to interact with these reviewers, too. Thank them for a positive review or offer to make things right if they had a poor experience.

5. Know When to Outsource

There’s a lot to think about on this list. So much so that you might not have enough time to get everything done.

Take a deep breath, that’s okay! If there’s something you’re not particularly skilled in or don’t have time to learn, consider outsourcing your marketing.

Partnering with a marketing firm, particularly a firm that has partnered with breweries in the past, can help save time and even money, as you won’t have to invest in new software, hardware, or extra staff.

Distill Your Marketing With These Easy Brewery Marketing Tips

These five strategies should provide a solid foundation for your brewery’s growth. The easiest way to grow is to take a customer-centric approach and separate yourself from the competition.

You’ve got this! Just dare to be different!

For more tips on brewery marketing or marketing for other industries, make sure to check out the rest of our blog content!