How to Grow Your Brand With Custom Product Packaging

Trying to find ways to make your brand stand out?

With millions of businesses out there, can get difficult to get your target audience to notice you. However, a surefire way to make them is through custom product packaging. It comes with lots of branding benefits your business must never miss out on.

Tune in as we explain the importance of product packaging. We’ll also give some tips to improve your packaging to maximize these benefits.

1. Custom Packaging Is Your First Impression

Put yourself in your intended customers’ shoes. It’s your first time buying a product from a company. At this point, you’re just trying out whether they’re the right fit for you.

When the package arrives, it’s out of this world. It’s nothing like you ever saw before. It’s a custom-made box with the company, but it’s somehow beyond that.

The packaging won’t feel like cardboard. Instead, it feels elegant, refined, and soft to the touch. It makes you feel that the product is premium even before opening the box.

As a brand, it’s the type of first impression you want to make. It’s possible to achieve this when you take full control over your packaging elements. Custom packaging is the only way to make a good lasting impression.

2. Custom Packaging Is Your Brand’s Marketing Tool

American businesses spend billions of dollars on digital advertising strategies each year. Some of the biggest companies contribute a hefty chunk. As a small business, you have insufficient resources to compete.

However, the way you present your product determines how customers see your brand. Do you want it to look natural? How about mysterious, or cheerful?

With custom packaging, it’s achievable using various techniques. You can use various color combinations and the right materials. Position various elements and use various printing processes to make it work.

It’s like building a fantastic puzzle. The real prize is inside, but the package also feels like a reward. It’s like half of the fun comes from opening it.

Every brand has a story and you want yours to hold a lot of meaning. It must connect with your intended customers. It makes your brand interesting and relatable.

Your brand’s personality is richer with personalized product packaging. It’s part of your brand’s identity, so it must reflect that personality. The packaging is as important to your brand as the product it contains.

3. Custom Product Packaging for Items Is an Experience

Lots of unboxing videos on YouTube or Facebook exist. It’s often more exciting to watch when the product in the video has custom packaging. It plays a major role when improving your customers’ experience with your brand.

It isn’t about a single user opening a package while their fans, family, and friends watch. It’s a social experience. It’s what makes it an important component of the customer experience.

Having custom packaging is even more important if you’re an eCommerce business. Your package is the only physical item your customer has. It’s their only point of physical contact with your brand during the buying process.

For people doing unboxing videos, they might be familiar with your brand. When they show your package, it might be some people’s first exposure to your brand. This becomes their first point of contact with your business.

The social component will serve as the foundation. It’s why you must ensure the package gives an incredible experience when opened. It makes people watching these videos want to buy the item to get the same feeling.

It’s often surprising how a package can make people feel excited. Your packaging design and printing teams can work with you. They’ll make the right design to help consumers enjoy your product more.

4. Custom Packaging Makes Your Products Unique

Some companies take pride in their custom packaging boxes. They make them as important as their logo and brand name. It’s unthinkable for them not to make it part of their brand identity.

For example, Tiffany’s boxes are small and blue. The tell-tale color makes everyone recognize it at a single glance. The company put so much effort into developing its packaging that it’s difficult to mistake it for something else.

Their box color and design are iconic. It came to the point that they almost transformed their package design into a jewelry piece.

It’s one of the many examples of brands having iconic packaging. You can develop your packaging based on what you want to emphasize. If you want everyone to know you’re environment-conscious, use recyclable packaging materials.

Custom packaging boxes improve your products’ uniqueness using various factors. It’s the color combination, printing materials and processes, and the design of the packaging.

5. Custom Packaging Makes Your Brand Memorable

In a sea of standard packaging boxes, a custom packaging design will stand out. It matters not whether it’s using spot UV printing for richer colors or debossing or embossing. You have lots of options for your packaging to make it look unique.

These options allow you to differentiate your products from the same styles of product packaging on retail shelves. You can use certain printing techniques to take advantage of direct lighting. It makes an eye-catching display brimming with uniqueness.

Even when your packaging isn’t under direct lighting, you have other printing options. It makes them stand out when displayed on store shelves. They can also have protective features against scuffs, smudges, and other things that detract from their appearance.

6. Custom Packaging Is a Worthy Investment for Smaller Businesses

Custom packages with your branding are more expensive than stock packaging. Don’t feel discouraged by the price difference. This type of packaging isn’t limited to the largest companies in the world.

As a small business, you gain a lot more from custom packaging. It’s surprisingly cheaper than what most people think. You have lots of stylish printing options to help the following become unique:

  • Packaging shapes
  • Designs
  • Textures

All these benefits won’t cost you a fortune. It’s worth the extra investment since good packaging will take your brand and product to the next level. The returns are amazing once your brand gets more recognition.

Non-branding Importance of Product Packaging

Aside from branding, custom packaging offers a lot of other benefits. With millions of packages delivered each day, your products are safer when going beyond standard packaging.

1. Custom Packages Are Perfect for Heavy and Oddly Shaped Items

Standard packages can damage products with unusual weights, shapes, and sizes. To eliminate this and other problems, pick custom-made packages.

It’s often hard to make unusual items secure inside standard-sized packages. The average amount of padding might not work with them. Damaged products can damage your reputation and hurt your branding.

Custom packaging allows you to avoid this problem. You’re making the package for the sole purpose of your product. It means you’ll get the perfect fit all the time, guaranteed to arrive without untoward damage.

2. Custom Packages Are the Best for Fragile Items

Like items with unusual weights and shapes, custom packages are perfect for fragile items. Most of these use wood to protect the items inside. It keeps the item secure and steady, regardless of the distance of its destination.

3. Custom Packaging Is Environment-Friendly

Sometimes, giant packages only house minuscule items inside. It often makes buyers disappointed since they expect bigger items. These large packages are unnecessary, making them detrimental to the environment.

When choosing custom packaging, your products will have the perfect containers. You’ll reduce the total packaging amount used for each item. It contributes a lot toward reducing your environmental footprint.

Aside from well-fitting packaging, you can also use eco-friendly materials. Most custom packaging companies use reusable and recyclable packages. These will have certifications from most environmental agencies.

An environment-friendly packaging will also increase your loyal customer base. The majority of millennials will support your products when they have eco-friendly packaging. As long as your company supports environmental causes, people will go to you more.

4. Custom Packaging Saves Time

Some eCommerce companies will only have one person doing all the selling and packing. If you have this setup, buying stock packaging takes way too much time when restocking. You’ll likely look for several locations to get materials that match your packaging.

You can avoid this headache when working with a custom packaging company. You need not go on stressful errands whenever you run out of packaging.

Avoid traffic jams and long lines. Wait at home while your packaging company sends your custom packing materials.

What to Look for in a Custom Packaging Designer

Understanding the importance of custom packaging for branding is half the battle. The success of your custom design depends on the company you work with. You can also use this product packaging guide to make your product stand out.

1. Helpful in Brand Development

When selling products, your entire brand flourishes. A strong corporate brand will boost your business’s value, even when you’re a startup business. It’s why working with an experienced packaging designer is important.

Get a company that can use various design elements for maximum prospect response. Even when you have an established brand, using helpful companies is invaluable.

They make your branding consistent. At the same time, they make your packaging unique and attractive.

With the right company, your packaging makes customers notice your product. It applies even when it’s on a crowded shelf. It compels them to buy.

Afterward, they will remember to buy it again in the future.

2. Web and Retail Tie-In Understanding

Most consumers buying products in a physical store have web-influenced buying habits. If they’re satisfied with your brand, they’ll look you up on the internet. It allows them to know whether you offer more products they’ll find useful.

With these facts, you must link your online presence with your retail products. Some product packaging design companies aren’t well-versed in this area. Bring this topic up before working with these companies.

Nowadays, internet shopping is becoming more popular. Most people will use their smartphones to shop online. If your custom package designer can help with your eCommerce presence, it’s a good sign to work with them.

The custom design might have features like QR codes leading to your company website. It gives customers more opportunities to build brand loyalty. It applies to both physical and online buying processes.

3. Helpful in Printing Decisions

Often, design companies and printing companies have a disconnect. The former will do the creative packaging designs but the latter determines whether the final package is consistent. If you’re a new retail business, this gap can make you feel intimidated.

To avoid this, get a packaging design company working with a package printing business. If they offer both services, the better. It allows your design to become a reality.

The right printing company can help based on the necessary packaging materials. They will work with you to make the most out of your budget. It ensures you won’t end up spending more than you can handle.

4. Reputable and Recommended

Sometimes, good work speaks for itself. Some package design companies out there have lots of positive reviews. If you’re friends with other entrepreneurs, ask them for recommendations.

After that, check their website for reviews and testimonials. Be suspicious when only positive reviews are there. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, meaning you’ll likely see a few negative ones.

To ensure you’re getting a clear picture, go to third-party review sites. You’ll find customer reviews that detail their experiences with the company.

Read these reviews carefully. Determine whether they’ll work best with your custom packaging needs. If they do, schedule an interview and ask the company for references as well.

Use Custom Product Packaging Today

These are some of the things you must know before getting into custom product packaging. Its branding benefits are incredible. It allows you to stand out from bigger competitors.

Looking for more custom product packaging benefits? Search no further than our blog. We have lots of helpful posts for your company’s growth.