Tenant Cleanup Time: How Much Is a Tenancy Clean?

In any given non-Covid year, around 40 million people pack everything up and move into a new apartment, condo, or house. While most people focus on the place they will move to, property managers at apartment complexes must consider the state of the apartment. After all, you can’t simply plop a new tenant in that apartment as is.

Even if the old tenant did a credible job of cleaning the apartment, they probably did it with consumer-grade equipment. That’s rarely good enough for property management cleanup purposes. So, when it comes to tenant cleanup time, what will it run you?

Keep reading and we’ll cover some of the factors affecting the overall cost for those post-move-out cleaning jobs.


Many cleaning services base their rates on square footage. That means the overall size of the apartment will play a huge role in the cost. Let’s say the base rate for residential cleaning in your area runs at $0.20 per square foot.

Let’s say that your apartment complex offers three apartment types:

  • 300-square foot studio apartments
  • 600-square foot 1-bedroom apartments
  • 900-square foot 2-bedroom apartments

You’ll end up with a $60, $120, or $180 bill based on the square footage.

Services Required

Another key factor in the overall cost of a between tenant cleanup is which services you need. The cleaning service might consider a pass through the bathroom, vacuuming, and sanitizing the flat surfaces adequate. Odds are very good that you maintain a more comprehensive cleaning list for health, safety, and presentation reasons.

For example, you probably require a deep cleaning of any carpeting between tenants. You may also want any appliances cleaned or cleaned out. Depending on whether the service offers it, you may want window cleaning included as well.

All of these extras can drive up the total price of the cleaning. You can head over here to learn more about this and the different services offered.

Negotiating Tenant Cleanup

As with most things in life, your position as an apartment property owner or property manager puts you in a good bargaining position. The lure of repeat business will often let you negotiate a fixed price for a specific set of services for each apartment size. It’s always worth asking.

Tenant Cleanup Time Cost

With so many variables in play, it’s unlikely that any specific cost estimate can cover every location. This will prove especially true in high cost-of-living locations like D.C., LA, or Boston. With that said, costs typically run in the $100 to $300 range depending on apartment size.

Managing Tenant Cleanup Costs

Most tenants will make an effort to leave their apartment in a fairly clean condition. After all, they want their deposit back. This gives you a little more leeway with negotiating prices for tenant cleanup time.

You can see if your preferred cleaning service will work out a two-tier payment structure. One tier is a cheaper standard cleaning. The other tier is a more expensive deep cleaning.

Looking for more tips on managing the services you need for your apartment complex or other businesses. Head over to our Business Products and Services section for more articles.