Carbomer 940: Uses, Safety, and More

If you deal with lotions, gels, creams, or sanitizers, you may have seen the word “carbomer”. The number “940” may have come after the word. Are you curious to know what carbomer 940 is? 

Wonder no more. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about carbomer 940. 

What Is Carbomer 940

Carbomer is a term that describes different nonlinear polymers products. Carbomers are mostly made from acrylic acid. They come in the form of a powder that’s white and fluffy. 

These products are synthetic and have a high molecular weight. Their composition makes them great crosslinking agents. This provides several benefits.

As a thickening agent, carbomer helps to build high viscosity. It also helps to spread and suspend solids that are not easy to dissolve into liquid form. This helps to keep the oil and liquids that make up a solution from coming apart. 

Carbomer comes in different products. Carbomer 940 is one of these products. It’s a gelling agent that’s used in systems that need clarity. 

Carbomer 940 Uses

Carbomer 940 has many uses. It’s an ingredient that is used in many cosmetics and personal care products. From hair styling gel to eye cream, there’s a safe best it contains carbomer 940.

Sunscreen, shampoos, and cleansers and scrubs also tend to contain carbomer 940. In these products, carbomer 940 serves as a way to control their consistency and flow.

Also, its short flow characteristics and non-drip properties make it ideal for use in these products. Carbomer 940 does offer many great benefits. 

How to Handle Carbomer 940 in a Safe Manner

Carbomer 940 safety is a top priority. It does make for a safe ingredient in these products. It’s important to note several studies show carbomer 940 has low toxicity. 

When carbomer 940 comes in contact with the skin, it can cause minimal skin irritation. Contact with the eyes may cause moderate irritation. 

If you’re going to use carbomer 940 remember to read the instructions that come with it. Before you buy carbomer 940, do your own research. Learn as much about it as you can. 

You’ll have to know how to open and secure the container where this product comes in. If you are not going to use all the carbomer 940 in one go, make sure to close the container tightly. 

Because carbomer 940 comes in a powder, you have to handle it right to prevent hazards from dusting. It’s important to do so to stop a detonation of the product. 

Carbomer 940 

Carbomer 940 is found in different products – from body lotion to facial moisturizer, it makes for a great stabilizer and high viscosity builder. 

People who use products that contain carbomer 940 shouldn’t be alarmed as it can only cause minor effects. If you do buy carbomer 940, keep in mind that you need to handle it right to avoid any safety issues.  

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