5 Common Plumbing Issues You May Run Into As a Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner brings on a whole new world of accountability. Any maintenance needed on your property becomes your responsibility to fix.

Although this may sound a bit daunting, it offers great learning experiences for lifelong skills. 

Among the most valuable knowledge regards plumbing. There are an array of plumbing problems you may come across.

Read on to discover 5 common plumbing issues you might face and how to deal with them. 

1) Clogged Sinks

Clogged sinks are very common occurrences. However, they are an easy fix. Once you know what you are doing, you’ll never have to call a plumber for such a habitual issue. 

There a many reasons they will clog or be slow draining. Anything from clumps of hair to spare change down the drain can cause a build-up. 

Don’t panic and resort to Drano. Chemical clog remover is harsh on the pipes of your home and can result in water damage. Instead, try a hand snake or barbed drain tool.

Another possibility is removing the P-trap below the sink to clear the clog. 

2) Running Toilets 

When a toilet flushes, gravity pushes the water from the top tank to the lower tank. Once the water leaves the tank, the flapper will shut and the top tank will refill.

However, if you hear water continually running through your toilet, you have a problem. This means the seal from the top tank is not secure and you are losing water.

The problem almost always involves the components in the top tank. Source the parts and determine how water is escaping. The flapper is deteriorating, the chain is kinked, or something is caught. 

It should be easy to spot and fix. You’ll see the difference on your water bill. 

3) Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets are not only obnoxious, but they will also add up to the water bill. 

Luckily it is a simple problem to source and repair. Turning a faucet on and off countless times wears out the washers that retain the water. 

A leaky faucet almost always needs a new washer. Remove the handle, look for the O-rings that are in bad shape, and replace them. 

Hardware stores will sell universal washer kits that work for any faucet. 

4) Hot Water Issues 

Nothing is more frustrating than having limited or no hot water in your home. 

This suggests your water heater is at fault. This is a slightly more difficult problem to diagnose. It could be a sediment build up, a heating element issue, or an electrical problem. 

Water heater problems typically require plumbing repair services. Professional plumbers have the tools to source water heater issues. 

5) Low Water Pressure

Limited hot water is bad, but low pressure is equally annoying. If the water pressure problems are in the shower, start with the showerhead. 

Often, sediment and minerals will build up in the aerator of the showerhead. Unscrew the heads and look for the deposit. Clean them by hand or soak them in vinegar to break up the blockage. 

Look Out for These Common Plumbing Issues 

Keep an eye out for these common plumbing issues. There is a good chance that you will run into some of these problems in your home. Keep this guide in mind when dealing with them. 

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