Top 10 Essential Construction Accessories

Construction accessories can range from a simple pocket tool to a complex set of sensors to help keep ahead of environmental problems.

With as many as there are, it’s tough to pick the best you need. Read on for a list of accessories that’ll help you pick the right ones for you!

1. Halo Helmet Light

When working into the night, workers need good lighting. While headlamps and stationary lights are great, but when going into more dangerous zones, it’s good to have a full 360 degrees light source so every worker is visible to everyone else! Plus, the light works on a rechargeable battery and has less of a chance of burnout than traditional headlamps.

2. Construction Drone

You need to see your construction zone from all angles. That’s why having a remote-controlled drone equipped with a good camera is an essential tool to have. It allows you to view areas too dangerous or inaccessible to human workers.

3. Pillar Risk Management Technology

Pillar’s technology allows you to monitor your construction site’s environmental hazards. It will notify you by text if it detects gas leaks, asbestos, and more. All the sensor’s data is stored in the cloud and is accessible by a dedicated app.

4. Inflatable Shims

Inflatable shims are great helpers when you need that extra hand to keep something steady or solidly in place. An inflatable shim won’t leave scratches on a hardwood floor and you can let the air out as fast or slow as you need. Inflatable shims can hold up to 300 pounds, making them perfect for helping along with the construction.

5. Thermal Imaging Camera

If you need a tool to help you find water leaks, insulation gaps, or electrical hot spots, you want a thermal imaging camera. In recent years, technology has become more accessible to the public. These cameras also work as regular cameras, so it’s like having two tools in one!

6. Laser Level

Laser levels come in any number of forms. Projecting a dot, cross-beams, or across a room, you can find the one that works best for you. Some are manually adjusted, but others automatically make the changes.

7. Heated Jacket

Construction crews in winter need every advantage against the cold. Whether on a high-rise build or just street level in below-zero weather, a heated jacket will keep the cold away! Battery-powered and weather-resistant, these jackets will hold heat in, even if your body doesn’t!

8. Inspection Camera

Any time you need to look into small spaces or check out a drainage system, these snake-like cameras are handy to have.

A hand-held screen and a long tube with the camera on the end can tell you what’s on the other side of that wall or inside those heating ducts. 

9. Rugged Phone or Tablet Case

Everyone drops their phone. If you can give your phone an advantage in surviving that fall, you’ll save yourself money by not replacing the phone. A rugged case for your phone or tablet is a must!

10. Stake Puller

When your crew needs to pull up signs from concrete, a stake puller is a good piece of equipment to have. It reduces the need for heavy machinery to pull these objects from their concrete holes. Grab one for your crew!

Construction Accessories Are Key

Construction accessories can be big-time money-savers or simple comforts on the job. From laser levels to heated jackets, you can help keep your crew in the best mood by keeping them comfortable.

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