Business Post: Is There a Right Way to Send Mail?

Does your company pay significant mailing costs each month? If so, you might want to consider switching to metered mail. However, depending on your business operations, that may not be the best choice.

If you’re torn between whether or not your company should use metered mail vs. stamped mail, continue reading the information below to learn more about each option. 

What is Metered Mail?

There are three avenues for paying for postage in the United States. There are stamps, postage meters, and digital postage. A metered letter is less expensive than stamps by roughly five cents.

Metered mail is a method that uses printed or postage meter stamps rather than single stamps. In regards to bulk mail, it’s the perfect option due to its efficiency and cost.

Businesses generally rely on metered mail because it’s more convenient.

The Benefits of Metered Mail

Metered mail will save you a substantial amount of time and money if you send lots of packages. Not only will you spend less time and gas going to the post office, but you’ll save money because you are guaranteed to pay the exact postage amount. You can also track your postage expenses with this type of mail service.

Although you save on mailing expenses when using a postage meter, you’ll have to pay the added cost of using the meter. There’s an annual lease or rental payment that’s required because you can’t legally own USPS postage meters.

What Is Stamped Mail?

Stamps let you send postage via classes of mail like First Class and Priority Mail by using stamps worth the value of the postage. To prevent your package from being returned for inadequate postage, you would need to measure the item and assess potential surcharges.

Stamps are a convenient and inexpensive option for mailing standard letters.

The Benefits of Stamped Mail

Postage stamps offer flexibility. You can buy the stamps at a local retailer or order online postage. Plus, you don’t have to pay for a postal meter when using stamped mail. 

On the other hand, not using postage with a fixed value will cost your business more money over time. When you use a range of stamps, it’s more difficult to manage your postage costs unless you keep track of everything.

Metered Mail vs. Stamped Mail

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both stamped mail and metered mail. The option you choose boils down to how much postage your business sends out.

When deciding between metered mail vs. stamped mail, consider your company’s supply logistics and mailing costs. If you’re spending tons of money by using stamped mail, then it’s best to make the switch to metered mail.

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