What to Look for When Buying a Forklift for Your Business

Your business is in need of a new forklift—but these are a serious investment. How can you be sure you’re buying the right forklift and spending your money wisely?

Many industries, such as construction, recycling, and commerce need forklifts to get their work done, but there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. 

Before buying a forklift, keep reading to find our top tips for purchasing the right product for your budget, business needs, and preferences.

When Buying a Forklift, Decide If you Want to Buy New or Used

One of the biggest decisions is deciding if you want to buy new or used. If you’re on a tight budget, the cost of a forklift in the secondhand market is going to be much lower.

However, if you buy used, be sure to thoroughly inspect the engine, tires, and vehicle, as the older the vehicle, the more problems it could have.

New forklifts give you a brand-new machine and the ability to customize it to your needs, but at a higher price.

Get to Know the Top Forklift Brands

Whether you buy new or used, we recommend sticking to the most reputable forklift brands.

Some of the best forklift brands include Toyota, Hyster, and Yale. When buying from a well-known brand, you get generous warranties, solid construction, and amply access to spare parts and servicing.

Buying from lesser-known brands means that it might be harder to buy parts or find a mechanic who can work on them. 

Work Out How Much You Need to Lift

A big consideration is working out your capacity—how much do you need to lift? The whole point of buying a forklift is to lift and move heavy items, so you need to calculate what your maximum needs are when lifting.

If you try to lift goods that are over a forklift’s weight limit, it could cause the forklift to break or even risk serious injury to the operator, so don’t take the chance.

Generally, the heavier the capacity, the higher the cost.

Consider Your Tire Options

You’ll also want to think about your tires. Forklift tires tend to be solid pneumatics or cushion tires.

Cushion tires are best for indoor use, while pneumatics are best for outdoor use. Note that pneumatic tires can be either solid or inflated, but solids are best if you’re driving over tough, hard terrain and you want to avoid flats.

Shop Smart With Our Forklift Buying Guide

Buying a forklift is a big investment for your business, so make the most of your purchase by using the tips above. Do plenty of research into your needs, the best options on the market, and work out your budget, then start shopping.

You’re sure to find the right forklift for your needs, giving your staff the equipment they need to work safely and efficiently.

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