What is Personal Branding and Why is it Important?

Who are you? No, really – who are you?

This question lies at the core of one of the biggest shifts in marketing that we have ever seen. The importance of personal branding. 

If you need evidence of the impact of personal branding just look at social media. Even though the biggest companies in the world can put their power behind an advertising campaign, their employees are a staggering 561 percent more effective at reaching more people on social media than they are.

It is understandable then why more and more are seeing the value in investing in their own personal brand. Let us help you by breaking down what it means and why it is so important.

What is Personal Branding?

Put simply, personal branding is how you present yourself to the world. 

This has been done for years by celebrities to aid their public image. If you think of Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones you think of trashed hotel rooms and a life of excess. Think of the Queen of England however, and you think of dignity and stability…and maybe Corgies. Don’t forget the Corgies. 

Although they are contrasting ideals, they both are linked by one thing. Their image serves their goals and boosts their brands. Just think, can you name a dignified and stable rock band that was able to sell out stadiums for decades?   

However, with the shift to social media and people’s insatiable appetite to see what others are up to, using this to your advantage is more important in the business world than any other avenue. Let’s find out why.

Personal Branding: An Entrepreneurs Secret Sauce

If you are an entrepreneur then making your brand stand out in an already saturated market is a must. From Elon Musk to Steve Jobs, brands that are associated with people have proven to be more and more successful over time. 

You are what makes your brand different. There may be 100 other gym owners or bakeries in your city but only yours has your story. If you get people to care about that, converting them into customers is so much easier.   

Another reason personal branding is more effective now is that people trust corporations and businesses far less than they did in the past The average person sees over 5,000 advertisements every day, therefore consumers now know all the tricks and tools used by corporations that overtly sell their products. 

If however, your customers get to know you, and you build a good reputation then you will find far more doors open to you. In fact, business owners known to be reputable in their fields find themselves with clients seeking them out, rather than the other way round, driving revenue in the process. 

Get Started on Your Personal Brand Now

As we have seen personal branding is a must for anyone serious about boosting their brand to the top of the tree, no matter what field you are in. So sit down, get a pen and a pad, and think about how you would answer that all-important question.

Who are you? 

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