How to Attract Walk-Ins and Increase the Foot Traffic of Your Store

If you’re a retail store, most of your profits will come from the foot traffic you get in and out of your store daily. But, during times like the pandemic where fewer people are out and about, you might be looking for ways to increase the foot traffic to your store and increase the number of walk-ins you get.

Below we’ve crafted a quick guide that’s going to share some useful tips with you. Before you know it, your retail sales will be climbing faster than you could’ve imagined.

Read on for ideas to increase your foot traffic for you store.

Watch the Seasons Trends

If you’re an industrial painting company, one thing that you can do to increase the number of retail customers you’ve got this season is keeping up with the trends of the seasons. This might mean showcasing your skills when it comes to painting the interior or exterior of buildings.

As well as displaying some of the most intricate designs that you’ve been able to pull off in the past. When your retail customers understand that you can accomplish something complex, they’re sure to trust you with their next painting job.

Stay Active on Social Media

If you’re using social media as a critical source for advertising, you’ll need to stay on top of it. Social media is a place where you can market all your new products and services and provide captivating pictures for potential customers to view.

When a customer doesn’t know what you’ve got in store or what’s new, nothing motivates them to visit your storefront. Keeping them updated on what’s new and exciting with your business will increase the amount of foot traffic your store gets daily.

Use Loyalty Reward Incentives

Every customer loves a coupon or a discount that they’ll get when shopping with your store. One way to ensure that people continue to shop with your business is to reward them for being loyal customers in the past.

You might want to think of setting up a loyalty program. This provides recurring customers with a special discount or money towards their next purchase after they’ve achieved a certain number of points.

Partner With Influencers

If social media isn’t quite your area of expertise, you can always partner with influencers. Part of their job is to showcase the products and services offered by brands they’ve partnered with.

For example, if you’re a skincare company, you’d provide an influencer with a few sample products for them to test. Once they’ve tried the products, they will create a video, Instagram post, or tweet. These will showcase their review of this product to their followers.

This will help to increase your sales and the foot traffic to your storefront.

Foot Traffic: One Step Closer to Cha-Ching

When looking to increase the foot traffic to your store, the customer service tips provided above will help you achieve this. Not only should you look into partnering with influencers to spread the word about your products, but you’ll also want to consider implementing a customer loyalty program.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and your company. If you’d like to check out some other posts we’ve created, don’t hesitate to continue scrolling through this blog section.