Promote Your Business by Using a Convention Booth

Do you want to get more people to learn about your brand or business?

Although the pandemic changed our business processes, we must continue. We adapted to virtual conferences and online conventions. Yet, we also need to change the way we strategized to adapt to the post-pandemic times.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why and how to use a convention booth to promote your brand. Keep reading to learn more about different convention booth advertising and ideas.

Benefits of a Convention Booth

If you’ve never tried joining a convention yet, make sure you wait for the next one. Being a part of a convention can help you attract new people to your business. It’s a great way to get face time with customers, clients, and industry insiders.

Attending trade shows is a great way to grow your business and social circles. In trade shows, you discover, create, or join communities built around shared interests. Your new partners or clients may even expect to see you at the next conventions, which is always a good sign.

Conventions can help you to allow you to build your authority and influence. It adds an edge to your reputation. It can also give you a peek at your competitors.

Keep People Comfortable

Now, let’s move on to the things you can do to attract potential customers, business partners, and more. Start with the way you create your convention booth. When you design your booth, look at how it will make visitors feel.

Does it look inviting or welcoming? One way to make people feel more comfortable about approaching it is to set up a lot of seating in it. Remember that it can be exhausting to walk around in a convention to see all the exhibits.

Offer people a place to sit down and rest, even for a few minutes. Don’t forget to set up your booth in a way that even seated guests can get a feel of your booth. If you want the guests to have company while they rest, come to them or have someone come to them to talk about your brand.

Introduce yourself and let them know what your booth is all about. If you don’t have time, then take a few seconds to introduce yourself, and then leave them be. If you set up your booth right, your seated guests will find the info they need about your brand from their seats.

Create an Interactive Booth

More interactive booths are more interesting to convention-goers. It’s more engaging and interesting. They’ll also want to try any interactive tech that you’re bringing to the table.

For example, you can fill your booth with interactive screens or VR headsets. You can also give people a chance to try DIY 3D printing at your booth. If these high-tech gadgets aren’t accessible to you, opt for touchscreen tunnels.

Don’t forget to program these tech pieces to advertise your brand, too. Need help or ideas on how to create an interactive and interesting exhibition booth? Try reaching out to Rockway Exhibits, an expert at setting up convention booths is.

Add Something Unforgettable or Unexpected

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the booths at the convention? Having top-notch convention booth advertising is one way to do it. Create interactive ads with cameras and screens.

If you have an overhead display, turn it into something noticeable from the entrance. Draw people’s eyes to your booth. You can hang a giant version of your mascot or set up a giant gumball machine as Google did a few years ago.

You may also set up a creative stunt at your booth. For example, bring dogs for guests to cuddle in the convention, given that they’re allowed.

Host Games and Offer Prizes

If you’re an agent of fun, then you’ll enjoy holding games or competitions for convention-goers. It can be something as simple as drawing something as fast as they can on a tablet. It can be competitive, like hosting a push-up challenge during the convention.

You can even get people to like your social media, use your hashtag, or sign up for an e-newsletter. Use these actions as a mandatory step for all those who want to compete or join the games. It can even be as simple as taking a picture in the frame of an Instagram post that features your brand.

Don’t forget to tell people that they can win prizes when they join. You can even offer a big raffle prize for any of the game competitors who’ll follow or share your hashtag. This can be a brand-new TV, a motorcycle, gym equipment, or other prizes.

Offer a Limited Deal

Are you launching a new product or item in time with the convention? Let the first buyers of your product get them at a discounted price. Yet, don’t make the deal too easy for customers to bite. You also want to get profits from it.

You can also create a product that will be exclusive to convention-goers. For example, you sell fitness apparel. Try creating a limited edition design that has the convention’s color themes in mind.

Give Out Big Goodie Bags or Freebies

Virtual conferences receive more engagement compared to in-person conferences. However, there are a few things that virtual conferences can’t give participants. That is the excitement of receiving freebies or goodie bags.

The same applies to conventions. In-person conventions are fun to attend because guests can gather a lot of free items from the booths. If you’re a business at the convention, you get to give away branded items to spread brand awareness.

Advertise Your Business When You Join Conventions

That’s our post on the tips for advertising with convention booth ideas. From freebies to contests, here are some ways to use convention booths to your advantage. We hope you learned something useful from this convention booth guide.

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