Video Email Marketing: How to Create a Killer Campaign That Captures Your Audience

As you already know, email marketing has been the new norm for most marketers. Many marketers now prefer this method as it makes them personalized messages to their clients, which has high chances of good ROI. But something that has made email marketing more effective is video content.

Almost 85% of internet users in the U.S. watched videos online in 2018 alone. Platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have become popular thanks to the high demand that videos attract. So, if you’re planning to start a video email marketing today, you’re assured that you’re indeed going to see results.

Even so, don’t forget that the audience is still choosy as always. To capture their attention, you’re going to have to create killer marketing videos. Here is an email marketing video tutorial to help you capture the attention of your audience.

Accompany Your Video Email Marketing with an Explainer

You’re not coming up with that video for entertainment purposes but to convince your audience to buy from you. For that reason, they need to know what they’re buying and how they’ll benefit from it. Send your emails with a short video that explains what your products/services offer.

Give your audience the opportunity to understand what your videos contain. You cannot do this in a cumbersome block of text but something that explains all about the products in a simple and clear way. An interesting video has a high chance of convincing your audience to go ahead with that call to action.

Think about this. Email marketing alone commands a high ROI of about $44 for every dollar invested in it. Imagine what ROI you can get if you accompany this with a video. You’re guaranteed that every person that clicks the CTA will end up buying your products or services.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Videos

To capture the attention of your audience, you need to use the perfect video email marketing software. To ensure this, you need to have an excellent definition of your expected outcome and what you need to achieve the goal. There are tools out there that will offer you the best explanation services for your videos, and you must find them.

The right software will help you create expert videos perfect for your email marketing. Get a tool that will help you create an explainer video that your business needs. Find out your exact niche and individual needs of your business to help you come up with the right tool that will fulfill your marketing goal.

Have a Powerful CTA

The main reason why you’re incorporating a video for an email marketing campaign is to make sales. To do this, your customers will have to take the desired action. That’s why you need a strong call to action on your video that goes directly to your landing page.

But email has restraints that make it impossible to embed a video that your recipients can watch on their screen. But this is a good thing because you want your subscribers to complete an action, and they won’t do this if they stay in their inbox. 

There is also a high chance that your audience won’t see the CTA if they watch the video through their phone screen.

To avoid all the trouble, you need to embed the video thumbnail image with your email. After that, you’ll then provide a link to your landing page. This way, your audience can watch it from your page, and your business can expect a high ROI from it.

Add a GIF to Your Videos

GIFs are not so common in video marketing, and this makes them even perfect. Customers always want something short and sweet. With time, your audience continues to have a very limited attention span thanks to distractions like Instagram and Snapchat.

GIFs are short and fun animation videos known to work well to capture the attention of people. You can insert them into your email template. They fall perfectly under the image category. 

They can be in the form of words, a cartoon fireworks display, or a funny dance move. You have to be creative with this so that you can capture the interest of your audience. You might not believe it, but that few seconds video can get you the much-desired click through.

Determine the Right Timing for Your Video Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter how perfect and promising your video may look. Without the right timing, your video will not achieve the desired results. The right timing for your email marketing video content will depend on the results you want to achieve at the end of it.

You can decide to present the video at the beginning of your content to grab your viewers’ attention. You can also do it at the end of your presentation to wrap up and persuade your audience to take the necessary action. It all depends on the purpose of your video. 

One thing you’ll love about the video is its usability and diversity. Videos can fulfill multiple business needs; hence you can never go wrong with them. They can be elevator pitches or serve as summaries for your content. 

Make Use of Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Another way to capture the attention of your audience is through the use of case studies and customer testimonials. A video of a case study is likely to convince receivers to watch than an online text.

Similarly, testimonials also have a good way of capturing your target customers’ attention and convincing them to watch. Customers are more likely to buy a product that another customer recommends rather than get persuaded by the marketer. Testimonials inspire some trust thanks to their human touch.

With testimonials, you won’t have to do all the talking as your happy customers will happily promote the product on your behalf. Customers are more genuine when describing a product, and buyers can trust them. So, you can deliver the testimonial and case study videos directly through their inbox.

Use Video Emails To Market Your Event

If your company has some events they host, it will be a perfect opportunity to up your marketing prowess. It doesn’t matter whether your company is hosting a small local event or a larger one. You can still market it through a video email campaign.

Through email marketing, you’ll be sending your customers an invitation right to their inbox. A stunning video will automatically intrigue them and get them interested. Invitations sent through promotional video cards are more likely to cut through the noise and reach your target audience to pay attention.

Don’t Forget the Autoplay Feature in Your Videos

While videos have proven to be very useful, you’re not always guaranteed that your customers will watch them. But then there is a solution for that in the form of the autoplay feature. Autoplay features can get your audience’s attention, but you must be careful because it can also get annoying.

You need to use this feature strategically in your email marketing to avoid annoying your receivers. One thing you must control yourself from doing is embedding autoplay in all your emails. You must choose the emails that matter the most and which are sure to interest your customers.

If you’re not going to send the videos together with your emails, consider inserting its screenshot instead. You can then provide a link to your landing page where you have the video with an autoplay feature. Any person that will click the link is no doubt interested in the video, and the autoplay will save them an extra click.

Use Personalized Video Emails in Your Sales Process

As a marketer, part of your work is to fuel the sales team. Effective marketing can help push the sales teams and enable them to close the deals. One way to do this is to convince your team to use videos to increase their closing numbers.

It will only take a few seconds to record a video and sent it to your leads. This video can be effective in ensuring you get the desired response rate. Something that increases this effectiveness is the fact that these videos will be personalized to the specific receivers.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Adding videos in your marketing email may seem like a lot of work, but that won’t be a problem. The kind of response you’re going to get is worth the effort. After you’ve achieved your sales target and attained a high ROI, you’ll agree that video email marketing is indeed worth the effort and time it takes.

So, are you ready to get started with your newfound marketing strategy? Well, this guide can be a good starter towards creating a video that will reach your audience, grab their attention, and ensure your business gets the desired sales.

We’re always here to help you take the first step and still hold your hands through the remaining processes. Browse this site to get more helpful marketing content to help steer your business towards the perfect opportunities.