7 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Store Window Display

An eye-catching store window can make or break your business.

Studies show that impulse-buying makes up 62% of in-store purchases. If you want to engage the foot traffic outside your store, visual merchandising will be key.

You don’t need to be an expert in visual merchandising to do this either. Read on because we’ve made you a list of 7 tips to begin enticing customers into your store.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Before getting creative with your visual ideas, identify your target customers.
Define what age groups your products cater to. Determine the specific types of people do they attract.

You can tailor your store window’s visuals to what attracts your customers most. You can also use analytics to make your decisions and make your visuals more strategic.

2. Consider Your Environment

Know what your customers’ dispositions would be if they’re in the vicinity of your shop.
Considering your store’s location, what factors influence their behaviors and pace? How much time do they have to process whatever it is on your store window display?

Most people only glance at a window’s store while walking by. You have only less than a few seconds to convince them to come in. You can design your store window’s visuals better with these variables in mind.

3. Have a Story-Based Theme

Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Make sure to have an intentional motif that ties the visuals together while telling a story.

Don’t rely on clichés either. When using holiday themes, don’t go with standard decorations. Instead of pumpkins for Halloween, use a horror movie as a reference.

You may also use your products as props. If you’re seeking a professional, you can check out 808Wraps’ storefront window graphics.

4. Keep It Simple

Try not to overwhelm potential customers by showing too many things at once. Don’t worry about not advertising all you have to offer.

You can display your best products while leaving the variety inside the actual store. Clutter can dilute the effectiveness of your store window advertising.

5. Create Focal Points

Do you want to enhance your store’s story-telling strategy? Place the items you want to highlight at the customer’s eye-level.

If you’re going to have one focal point, determine how big you want it to be. This is where you want potential customers to look and concentrate focus.

6. Lighting

Never underestimate the effects of good lighting. It can set moods and better enhance your store window’s focal points. Avoid lighting displays from the top.

This can create harsh shadows and make your displays unattractive. Consider lighting from the sides and front to bring out a 3D quality from your display. Good lighting can be a crucial component to bring life to your store window’s visuals.

7. Change Displays Regularly

It can be difficult and even expensive always to change your store window display. However, it’s better to stay up-to-date and relevant.

The same-store window advertising display diminishes in appeal and will get ignored. Refreshing your display can keep the foot traffic engaged as time passes. You can do this monthly or according to the seasons.

Start Turning Heads With Your Store Window Today!

Remember, you’ll want to engage your store’s foot traffic to entice potential customers. Make your store window is appealing by designing storefronts that intrigue customers.

Looking for more tips to increase your customer base? Feel free to read more of our guides here!