3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing New Lockers

Lockers benefit students in more ways than one. While the most obvious advantage of school lockers would be that they keep a student’s personal items safe and secure, lockers also benefit the user because they allow a sense of privacy, personalization, and even responsibility.

When a student becomes the “owner” of his or her first school locker, they learn the importance of keeping up and looking after their personal items. They also learn how to manage time and to gain independence. Every institution in which young people spend large amounts of time should allow students access to their own personal locker.

If you’re considering purchasing new lockers, you might be overwhelmed with the options out there. Check out these important factors to consider before you select new lockers for your institution!

1. Durability

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when browsing for lockers is durability. You’re investing in these lockers, and so you’ll want them to last a long time, or else it simply isn’t worth it.

When it comes to lockers, some materials are more durable than others. For instance, a wooden locker, although sometimes cheaper, won’t have the lasting ability of a metal or laminate locker.

Generally, metal lockers are made of steel. The steel is powerful enough to withstand everyday usage and won’t deteriorate very quickly, however they can be dented if enough pressure is applied.

Laminate lockers are also a good option for schools because they are unable to be scratched or dented, meaning they’ll withstand years of rough usage. However, laminate lockers are often more expensive.

2. Size

Consider what your students or patrons are going to be storing in their lockers. Are the lockers going to be chock full of bulky textbooks and bookbags or are they just going to be a holding place for a bag of gym clothes?

You’ll also want to consider how much space your building has for lockers. Are your hallways tall and long or are they limiting in size? These are vital questions to ask yourself before you select a locker type.

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3. Security

As aforementioned, security is the main function of lockers. A good locker should provide students and patrons a sense of total security when they place valuables like cell phones or laptops inside.

When assessing a locker’s security levels, pay attention to the locking mechanism. Here are a few of the most common and effective locking systems for student lockers:

  • Key locks: the school provides a locker key for each student
  • Padlocks: students use their own padlocks and keys from home
  • Combination locks: the school provides a combination lock on each locker and each student is given a specific combination number

Knowing the needs of the users is the best way to choose the right kind of security measures for your new lockers. For example, higher education institutions will demand more security than an elementary school when it comes to lockers!

Now You Can Purchase Lockers With Confidence

In the end, lockers can benefit everyone. If your school or other institution doesn’t have lockers, you should definitely consider purchasing some now so that your students or patrons can reap the benefits.

Now that you’re aware of these factors to consider when buying new lockers, you can purchase with confidence. 

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