6 Common Ring Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Online

Everyone makes mistakes but messing up on an engagement ring can be catastrophic. This is the “forever” ring, so it is critical to get it right.  Don’t just walk into any store and grab that ring you saw advertised on TV.

Here are 6 ring shopping mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Setting Your Budget (and Sticking to It)

The old rule-of-thumb that says you should spend 3 month’s salary on an engagement ring just isn’t true anymore. You know how much you are satisfied spending and there are wonderful rings out there for any income.

Before you start shopping, set a budget. This helps you narrow your search and keeps you from buying outside the price range you’re comfortable with. This will also keep you from wasting time browsing rings you can’t afford.

Mistake #2: Not Identify Your Partner’s Taste

Imagine a scenario where you get down on your knee, open the box and your partner’s reaction to seeing the ring is… underwhelming. Examine the jewelry they currently wear. Do they only wear silver or white gold? Do they have a bohemian style that the ring needs to compliment?

You can also look at your partner’s social media to see if they follow or have interactions with jewelry companies. Some slight detective work can net some valuable results.

Pro tip: Their Pinterest board can be extra helpful, especially if they have pinned rings. 

Mistake #3: Not Doing Your Research

Once you have determined your budget and know your partner’s taste, it’s time to hone in on what you’re looking for. Read a lot reviews, both positive and negative from the store you’re browsing in, so you can make an educated decision on your purchase. 

At bare minimum, learn the 4C’s of diamonds

  • Carat weight
  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Cut grade

This will help you know what questions to ask yourself (or the salesperson) so you can filter out and refine your results. Educating yourself can also get you better value for your money.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing Her Ring Size

Once you propose and the engagement is on, your partner will want to wear the ring right away to show off to friends, co-workers and on social media. If the ring is too big and needs resized, that will hinder your partner’s ability to share their excitement while the engagement is fresh.

Knowing the correct ring size will eliminate the extra charges from having the ring resized as well. So, if you’re shopping on a budget, every dollar counts.

Mistake #5: Shopping Only in Chain Stores

Shop around, online and in-store. Online stores, like https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/collections/rings can have a lot more selection while chain stores tend to have cookie-cutter rings that don’t feel as unique.  

While talking to someone face to face may be helpful with quick answers, the salespeople are usually paid on commission and can steer you toward a ring you may not be comfortable buying. Online stores let you shop at your own pace. 

If you want to hold and examine the ring in person, try a locally owned brick-and-mortar shop. They can add a personalized touch that chain stores cannot. 

Mistake #6: Not Asking for Help

This mistake goes hand in hand with mistake #2. You don’t have to do everything yourself, especially if you have a lot of specific questions that need answered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional jeweler.

Even online jewelers have professionals you can speak with about their rings and get you in depth analysis on everything you need to know about the rings and the process.

Avoid Those Ring Shopping Mistakes and Let’s Pop That Question!

The engagement ring is a symbol of unconditional love and devotion. You want it to be impeccable. If you avoid these 6 ring shopping mistakes, you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too, with the perfect ring at the perfect price.