5 Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Employees Safe During COVID

You need to keep your business running. But, you also want to keep everybody safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.

When your business cannot run on remote work alone, you face unique challenges. It may require adopting cleaning techniques that you never even considered prior to the outbreak of this virus.

Read on to learn 5 office cleaning tips that will help you to operate safely.

1. Create a Cleaning Checklist

At an office where everybody keeps things fairly tidy, office cleaning companies go through a routine. In the past, if stuff looked clean, they may have let it slide.

Now, more than ever, everything needs cleaning on a daily basis. Creating a cleaning checklist can help in a couple of ways.

First, creating the checklist forces you to assess all of the cleaning needs. With this tool, you label all of the necessary cleaning tasks.

Second, this eliminates any memory failure on behalf of the cleaner. They check off what they clean when they clean it, and you can monitor the lists.

2. Clean the Air Too

Install a proper ventilation system. Since COVID spreads by droplet transmission through the air, constantly moving old air out and new air in will help lessen the risk for spreading this virus and other communicable diseases.

Air cleaners capture disease spreading particles while CO2 monitors allow you to measure to make sure the air stays fresh. If you cannot afford to install entire air cleaning systems, open windows to circulate clean air.

3. Mandate Constant Disinfection

Enforce clear rules for employees to regularly disinfect their work stations and other areas of the building. Keep spray bottles of EPA approved disinfectants readily available in all areas.

Employees should use these spray bottles:

  • To wipe down keyboards after each use
  • To wipe off their desk surfaces every time they walk away
  • To clean any shared office equipment after each use

This helps eliminate any dangerous surface germs to keep the office safe.

4. Stock Appropriate Office Cleaning Supplies

Keep cleaners stocked with appropriate cleaning supplies. This includes:

  • Disposable masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants

Also, make sure that they consistently change mop water and disposable surface rags to prevent spreading germs around.

5. Hire a Fogging Surface

While continuous cleaning and proper measures help to keep the office tidy and people safe throughout each day, fogging works on a larger scale to ensure safety. The service fogs the area, reaching spots that conventional cleaning services simply cannot.

Fogging quickly deep cleans and disinfects the entire area, top to bottom, and in every crevice. The tiny mist cleans without causing harm to electronics or other office equipment.

Bring Office Cleaning to the Next Level

Offices always needed cleaning. But, the caliber of office cleaning needed significantly increased as this pandemic swept the world.

Making an effort to put all of the measures in place will help you keep your business open and functioning during the pandemic. Failure to do so could result in one COVID case that shuts down your profits for weeks.

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