Creating Curb Appeal: 5 Stunning Exterior Paint Colors for Stucco Homes

Are you looking to one-up your neighbor or stand out in the neighborhood? It’s easy to do with a fresh coat of paint, especially if you have a stucco home!

Keep reading our guide and become inspired by the best exterior paint colors for stucco homes today.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco is a cement-like mix that consists of lime, water, and sand. This home siding provides a seamless finish on the exterior wall. There are many different textures and colors that you can get with Stucco finishes, making it a great choice for homeowners.

These are ideal for people who want a versatile, and easy to change, exterior, or want to always come home to a summer-looking house.


1. The Classic Stucco

The traditional, neutral color is great for those who want to blend in with nature, or don’t want something too crazy. 

Classic is one of our favorite exterior paint colors for stucco homes because of its versatility. This calm color will fit any landscaping or neighborhood, making you stand out, but not in a bad way.

2. Stark White

When you want a modern and chic look you should go with the stark white stucco home paint color. You’ll stand out against any landscaping you have and help you house pop when you drive by.

Plus you can easily identify your house to others by telling them to look for the one white house on the block.

3. Pink and Loud

Speaking of easily identifying your home to others, you should consider a non-traditional option like bright pink. The stucco exterior will take the color much better compared to other sidings, giving you the option to go a little crazy. 

You can also live out your lifelong dream of living in a Barbie home if you choose to go with this popping pink.

4. Dark and Ominous

To completely flip the script you can go dark with a classic black. It may seem unusual, but when you’re looking to be different sometimes you have to be unusual.

Be warned though, keeping up the consistent black color is harder than keeping more traditional looks. 

5. Elegant Blue

For a beautiful and elegant look, you have to try a sweet blue. You can even play with different stucco color combinations and give your home a white trim for a charming and more cozy feel.

No matter the color you choose, be sure to find the right painting company to apply your stucco exterior paint so it’s done right the first time.


Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors For Stucco Homes Today

Now that you know the best exterior paint colors for stucco homes, get painting today! You’ll be happy you started sooner rather than later so you can enjoy your newly colored home.

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