The 5 Best Online Tutoring Companies and Websites

The shift to online learning during the pandemic has thrown some students off course so many are looking to online tutoring websites for help. Luckily, there are hundreds of thousands of online tutors out there just waiting to help! We’ve narrowed the list down to 5 of the best online tutoring websites.

Some have a specific focus such as math or language, and others cover a broad range of subjects and grade levels. Check each one out and see what works for your student as they progress through this challenging time.


Chegg is an affordable and reliable tutoring service with one-tome lessons priced at $6.95. Monthly subscriptions are available too. Lessons are conducted via chat, audio, or video call. 

Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s tutor before the lesson to make sure they will be a good fit. All of Chegg’s tutors are required to have prior tutoring or teaching experience and must be enrolled in or have a degree from a 4-year university. 


If you’re a student learning a foreign language, then Preply is the place to go. They specialize in learning English, Spanish, and Chinese, with tons of other languages to pick from as well. 

Learning a language from a native speaker is often better and easier than learning from an automated online program. Preply guarantees satisfaction by giving you a free replacement tutor or a full refund if you are not happy with their service. 

Rates vary and are set by Preply’s independent contractor tutors.


Skooli makes the list because of its pricing. Lessons $.82/minute with a minimum 15-minute session which comes out to $12.30. This is a great option for trying to learn more about those tricky math problems and equations. 

You can search for tutors by your grade level and subject, and it’s available on mobile devices. Bonus feature: you can also replay your recorded lesson! has been around since the late 90’s making them one of the earliest online learning sites. They have lessons in tons of subjects, from grade school to graduate level and even aviation. Once you set up an account, you’ll have 24/7 access to tutors in dozens of subjects.

They recently teamed up with the Princeton Review for even more learning options.

Learn to Be

For those who can’t afford the high cost of online tutoring, Learn To Be offers free online tutoring. More specifically, they offer pay-if-you-can lessons. This model works great for those families who don’t have extra cash for online lessons, yet still have students who need to perform well in school. 

The only catch is that you must submit an application that has sections to be completed by students, parents, and teachers. While Learn To Be has a great all-inclusive pricing structure, this isn’t an on-demand tutor website like the others on our list.

The Best Online Tutoring Websites Explained

Any of these websites are a great option for online tutoring. Take a look at the pricing and subjects available. There are lots of options out there, so if the first one doesn’t click, try something else!

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