Sushi Types to Try When Working Late at the Office

Have you ever had a late night at the office when your stomach starts to grumble, and you realize you’re in the mood for a late-night snack?

We’ve all been there. In our busy office culture, working late has become par for the course in many companies. 

But often, our brains drift off to the types of food we’re craving. And that leads many to think of their favorite comfort food: sushi.

If you eat sushi often though, or if you’re new to eating sushi altogether, you might be wondering what sushi types are out there.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi eater or just beginning on your sushi journey, we have sushi recommendations for you! Keep reading to learn the best types of sushi!

The Basic Sushi Types

If you’re going to eat your way around the sushi world, you should know about the different types of sushi.

These sushi types feature many original Japanese flavors. There have been different twists on these types, but here are your sushi basics.


When people picture sushi, many think of maki.

Maki consists of rice, vegetables, and fish rolled up into seaweed. When you eat sushi rolls, this is what you’re eating. 


Like maki, temaki is rolled. Yet, temaki often uses less rice and is formed into a coned shape, almost like a tapered burrito. 

Usually, the ingredients spill out the wider end. They typically include fish, as well as a variety of rice and vegetables, although the exact ingredients may vary. Because using chopsticks can be too cumbersome, people often eat temaki with their hands.


Like both maki and temaki, uramaki is rolled. 

Uramaki is like an “inside-out” roll. Instead of featuring the seaweed on the outside, the seaweed is on the inside of the roll, wrapped around the ingredients. Then, the rice encases the outside.


Do you like to savor the meat in a sushi roll? If so, you might really like sashimi.

Unlike different types of sushi, sashimi doesn’t use rice. Instead, consumers just eat the meat, which is usually a type of raw fish.


Have you ever seen the sushi type where the meat goes over the rice? If so, then you’ve seen nigiri. 

Nigiri is characterized by its oblong shape and the long piece of meat on top. People usually eat nigiri with chopsticks and enjoy it with sauces.

Variations on Sushi

As sushi spread throughout the world, chefs began adapting sushi to the tastes of local people. Because of this, different sushi types came into popular use.

These types include the California roll, which is technically uramaki. It contains crab or imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado. It was created in 1960s California and remains a favorite of many American diners. 

Another twist, the spicy tuna roll, features nori, tuna, rice, and a zest of spice. If you love spicy food and sushi, this is the perfect roll for you!

So are you ready to order takeout sushi?

Ready to Start Your Sushi Journey?

Now you have the opportunity to try different sushi types! We hope that this guide will serve as an exciting start to your journey through the different types of sushi.

Whether you love maki, nigiri, uramaki, sashimi, or temaki, there are so many varieties of sushi, and we can’t wait for you to discover your favorites!

If you want more advice, check out the rest of our articles!