Dangers of Buying a Home That’s Not Up to Code

If you think you’ve found the perfect house, you might want to press pause before you extend an offer. Even though the curb appeal has won you over, you don’t know what’s lurking beneath the surface. Buying a home that’s loaded with code violations could spell financial trouble — so it’s important to look carefully.

Keep reading to learn why it can be risky buying a home that’s not up to code, and what you should do to avoid this problem!

An Old Roof Could Cause Problems

Since the average asphalt shingle roof lasts around 20 years, you’ll be risking other problems if you buy a home with an old roof. Water can seep into roofs with missing shingles or cracks. This can lead to leaks inside your house, as well as mold. 

Check the age of the roof before you sign any paperwork. You might have to spend several thousand dollars on a new roof sooner than you would prefer!

Foundation Issues are Expensive Issues

Do the doors in the house close properly? Are there cracks in the foundation? These are all telltale signs that you could be dealing with foundation issues in a house.

The cost to repair a foundation is around $4,000, but the cost can be much higher if you have major issues — or need to rebuild it. Know the state of a house’s foundation before you sign on the dotted line.

Heating and Cooling Systems May Not Be Up to Code

Having to replace heating or cooling systems is another issue with buying as-is. You could end up with an HVAC system at the end of its life. This means you’ll have continual repair costs, inefficient and unreliable heating and cooling, and higher utility bills.

And if repairs aren’t getting the job done, you’ll have to replace the system. This is another cost that can be overwhelming if you’ve just purchased a house.

Termites Could Be Eating Up the House

Termites are a problem that could eat you out of house and home. Pin-sized holes in your drywall, hollow wood, and buckling floorboards are all signs that these little insects are wreaking havoc.

If you neglect to do anything about a termite problem, the damage will add up. Termites can eat up your subflooring, make your window frames brittle, and even attack your wooden furniture. You’ll be better off if you have the professionals do a thorough examination.

Make sure you know what code violations you’re dealing with before you buy. Visit Inspect-Texas.com to find experienced home inspectors ready to help you.

Inspect Before You Buy

Making sure a property is up to code before you buy it is a critical step when house hunting. While you may not like learning about an expensive problem, it’s always better to be an informed buyer. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding costly problems!

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