Top 7 Best Email Signatures for the Professional

When you send or respond to emails you receive from clients, you can make a positive impression with your signature alone. Signatures allow you to speak about you and your brand in a good way. The best email signatures encourage those who read it to be more responsive or take action.

It’s also a great way to ingrain you or your brand and remain memorable. The signatures you make allows you to maximize brand consistency, customer service, and increase sales. 

Still, wondering where to start when creating the best professional email signature? Keep reading to learn tips you can incorporate as a professional.  

1. Keep It Simple and Limit Your Signature Text

Professional email signatures are meant to be short, yet informative. You should refrain from overstuffing. Only include content and information you think is the most important. Keep your signature simple by including your name, company website, and company address. 

The content you add also shouldn’t take up more than 3 or 4 lines. Do not add your email address because the redundancy is not needed. You can take advantage of template generators to create your signature or find ideas if you need more inspiration. 

2. Add a Photo

A picture speaks a thousand words. Adding a picture alone to your signature is enough to provide the personality you seek as well as the memorability and impact you want from customers. 

Most professional signatures include a headshot of a face — your face — and have text along the bottom or the side. The best border shapes for your image are circle or square. 

3. Provide Your Social Media Icons or Information

Businesses and businesses, customers and customers, and clients and businesses connect with each other the best on social media platforms. Social media allows you to keep the communication line open with your clients all the time. Sending professional email responses to clients who reply to you demonstrates care. 

If you have social media associated with your brand, you should add it to your signature. This is a simple, yet effective way of increasing traffic to your social websites. Customers are more likely to look at your social media site and follow you too when you add the information for them too. 

The top social media platform most professional brands use is LinkedIn. However, any social media platform is good because customers use them which allows them to find and connect with you. 

4. Use Colors

Just because you want to promote you are a professional brand doesn’t mean you have to be bland. Don’t be afraid to use colors in your email signatures.

A splash of something that isn’t black and white adds visual interest. You can add the color anywhere you want to draw the most attention. 

You can add it to your logo, brand, or text. It’s best to use two types of colors to allow dimension. Try not to go behind 2-3 colors though because when it’s too much, it becomes overkill and serves as nothing more than a distraction. 

5.  Use a Call-To-Action 

When you create a signature, you need to think about what it is you want your client to do when they view it. By creating a call-to-action, you’re showing something that prompts the reader to take action. 

The action you want from customers could be anything. Maybe you want them to follow your platform or page, subscribe to your website, attend an event, or download an app or service you provide.

You are more likely to gain profit by doing this. Adding some type of call-to-action on your signature encourages people to visit, buy, or read what you promote.  

6. Put a Logo

Do not forget to include your logo in your signature if your brand has one. It is the most important aspect you want on your signature because it allows customers to identify your brand the best. 

Remember the goal is to keep your signature simple and clean. If you decide you want to add a logo, you shouldn’t include an image of yourself too. Just pick one to avoid your signature from becoming confusing and busy. 

7. Keep Your Content Balanced 

The final consideration to remember when making your email is to keep everything balanced. You want the tone you are going for to match your signature. Everything from contact to images needs the right blend of elements to attract the reader’s eyes and maintain attention. 

For example, if you want your brand to focus on sales, it provides a banner with a recent deal, provide seasonal promotions, or say a holiday greeting with a link to a promo. For marketing, you want to balance your signature with a link to your latest content or blog and add social media icons. 

When you want to focus on the client relationship, your signature should provide customer reviews, a link to your services or mission, and a link or video to services and goals. The effort you put in your signature is apparent and appreciated by customers. 

Find the Best Email Signatures for You

If you want to increase overall communication with your customers and improve the level of interaction, you want to create a signature that fits your brand, is attractive, and informs your client what service you do.

The best email signatures are clear, to the point, and makes your customer want to do something or at least know when and why they should contact you. The last thing you want to create is a bland signature. No signature at all is worse.  

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