Where Can I Get Fake Grass That Looks Real?

More and more people are realizing the advantages of installing fake grass. In fact, the synthetic grass market is growing and this growth will likely continue. If you want fake grass that looks real, there are a number of brands producing a very natural-looking product.

Artificial grass was first used in domed sports arenas that didn’t get enough sunlight for natural grass. It’s produced using a combination of polymers with a sand or rubber foundation that helps make it softer.

In recent years it has become popular for residential landscaping. Fake grass eliminates the need for watering and other lawn maintenance. Cutting out fertilizers also makes for an environmentally friendly lawn.

When choosing synthetic grass for your lawn or garden, you want something that looks and feels natural. Let’s take a look at some top businesses producing fake grass that looks real.

Easy Turf

Easy Turf has a reputation for producing some of the most natural looking fake grass on the market. The materials used in their product help make it extremely life-like. They utilize multi-colored blades that resemble the colors found in natural grass.

Their synthetic turf also has one of the best drainage systems on the market called MaxxFlow. This fake grass is 100% permeable. Easy Turf grass comes with a 15-year warranty.

All Turf Mats

Another brand producing quality fake grass that looks real is All Turf Mats, which use dense coverage to simulate natural grass. The bottom side of their turf is made of rubber and has drainage holes that help protect against moisture and humidity.

Their product is designed to be odor-free when wet, which you may not get with other brands. They offer mats for smaller areas or larger turf for full lawn coverage.


This is another well-respected brand due to its realistic appearance. SynLawn produces turf exclusively in the United States and utilizes BioCel Technology. This technology uses renewable resources to create polymers that aren’t petroleum-based.

The bottom of SynLawn’s grass contains Enviroloc, which holds the blades in place and prevents wear and tear. You can be confident this grass will hold up against the elements after installation. Multiturf specializes in the installation of synthetic grass products.

Frass Grass

Fake grass that looks real is what you’re going for. But Frass Grass produces turf that also feels natural to the touch. They use materials that look and feel as similar to natural grass as possible.

They offer a number of options, each with different textures and piles. Each is more suited for different environments. Whether needing turf for a lawn, playground or pet space, Frass Grass has you covered.

Pet Zen Garden

This product is extremely soft and more natural in appearance than many other brands. Pet Zen Garden uses 4-tone blades to simulate real grass.

If you want a lawn that has a lush look and also feels great to the touch, this is an excellent option. Get the look of a well-manicured lawn without the maintenance.

Get the Best Fake Grass That Looks Real

These top brands specialize in bringing a natural look to synthetic turf. Once you’ve decided which product is best for you, you’ll enjoy a great looking lawn that requires almost no work.

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