5 Commercial Roof Repair Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

One of the most important aspects of owning a business is your bottom dollar. You need to make sure more money is coming in than going out. Therefore, it may be easy to overlook small building issues, such as roof damage to avoid spending extra money on repairs. 

However, it’s important to understand that the integrity of your building is vital for running a successful business. Water leaks can lead to damaged property, products, equipment, and other assets.

As a business owner, you must take commercial roof repair seriously. Keep reading for our top five mistakes to avoid.

1. Ignoring Seemingly Small Issues

While some issues seem irrelevant or inconsequential, small damages in the roof can lead to big problems in the future. Old or damaged shingles can lead to water leaks which can result in expensive repairs. Additionally, the longer these problems are ignored, the worse the damage will be. 

Excess water and moisture in the building can lead to toxic mold, pest infestation, damaged drywall, rotting wood, and more.

2. Relying on DIY Repairs

As a business owner, you’re likely the proactive type. If you see a problem, you’re going to fix it. However, commercial roof repair is not the place for DIY work. 

With all due respect to your capabilities, DIY work may void your insurance coverage. Additionally, not knowing how to properly repair a roof could lead to further damages, continued leaks, or personal injuries.

3. Skipping Inspections

Whether you built your commercial building from the ground up using pole barn kits or moved into an already established building, you must get regular inspections on your roof. While some signs of damage can be seen from the ground, only a trained eye on the roof will be able to identify all potential problems.

Talk to contractors about getting free quotes and inspections in your local area.

4. Waiting Too Long for Roof Replacements

While regular roof maintenance is important to extend the life of your roof, all roofs have an expiration date. Waiting too long to replace your roof could lead to disastrous consequences. At a certain point, patchwork and minor repairs won’t be enough. 

As noted above, get a roof inspection and rely on professional opinions to determine the condition of your roof and the appropriate course of action.

5. Misdiagnosing the Problem

Finally, be careful not to misdiagnose the root cause of any problems. Commercial roof repair requires experience, both in diagnosis and execution. 

For example, poor attic ventilation may be a contributing factor to damaged shingles. Replacing the shingles alone won’t solve your problem. You need to improve your attic ventilation.

Professional roofers will also be able to trace the origin of a leak more accurately, as well as identify any other underlying issues.

Looking for Commercial Roof Repair Tips or Other Business Advice?

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you’re responsible for the building as well. Don’t neglect the importance of commercial roof repair. Doing so will only make your problems worse in the long run and can lead to expensive repairs.

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