5 Mobile Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

There are close to 4 billion smartphone users on the planet right now. 

All your web content should cater to people that are browsing on these devices. Plenty of brands and companies make some simple mistakes that cost them precious equity. 

Avoid these mobile website designing mistakes at all costs. 

1. Too Many Companies Neglect to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

The first mistake is that too many companies simply don’t optimize their site for mobile viewing. For years you just had to worry about how your site looked on a desktop or laptop, and old habits die hard. 

This is no longer the case, so always build your site with mobile users in mind. It’ll be more responsive and easy to navigate, which helps guide people toward making decisions and purchases with you. 

2. They Don’t Blog Enough

Most brands also neglect to blog. Having a blog lets you put out lots of free content on the web and improves your traffic. 

Authoring a blog will help drive attention to the things you offer. 

Let’s say you sell PVC roofing. Posting products on a site for people to buy is one thing, but running a blog that goes into detail about these benefits will help sell more. 

Your site will grow by leaps and bounds due to this influx of traffic, and it’ll result in more conversions. 

3. There’s No Call to Action (CTA)

You have to deliver when it’s time to ask your reader to make a decision. A stellar call to action (CTA) will bring the content home and drive conversions. 

Some must-have points of a quality CTA include telling the customer exactly what you want them to do, having compelling writing, and creating a sense of urgency. Go through a few drafts of your CTA until you get it right. 

4. The Website Isn’t Quick Enough 

Design your website with speed as a focus. If your site isn’t fast enough on a mobile device, users will inevitably go elsewhere. 

Run a battery of speed tests on the site to make it more responsive. Speed is especially important if your site is filled with multimedia content. 

5. It’s Complicated and Too Hard to Navigate

Several companies also make their site convoluted and difficult to manage. Arrange your information on the site with a layout that people can easily peruse. 

Highlight the most critical parts of the site and direct people toward the information that will generate conversions. 

Don’t make the common mistake of cluttering the website or giving people too much. The visitors will get distracted and frustrated before they get to the sale. 

Work Out Your Mobile Website Designing Issues

These mobile website designing tips will revolutionize your site. The points above are some of the most common dead-ends that people run into when going mobile. 

Choosing the correct principles will allow you to get results from your site. Consider these strategies and use this information as you build or remodel your site for mobile optimization. 

Start searching for some web designers that can help you out.