Keeping Organized: 5 Creative Ways to Manage Medical Storage

Whether at home or in an office, managing medical supplies is of the utmost importance. Declutter your supplies and bring things up to proper health and safety standards.

Learn how to create proper medical storage.

Having your medical supplies in order makes your job easier. And if you’re managing an illness at home, it helps keep your stockpile of meds orderly. Good storage increases productivity and improves office efficiency. 

No more rambling through boxes looking for the right supply or med for a patient. It also keeps you from using the wrong medical supply when you’re caring for yourself. 

Are you struggling with a cluttered medical office? It doesn’t have to stay like that! Get organized with these tips for medical storage.

1. Place the Supplies You Use the Most on the Bottom Shelf of the Medical Storage 

Keeping supplies that you use the most out of reach slows down productivity. You waste time rambling through other shelves looking for what you need. 

Choose the bottom shelf or a shelf that’s within reach and designate it for commonly used supplies. Place labels for each type of supply on that shelf so you reach right for it. 

Here are some day-to-day supplies used in a medical office:

Organize other supplies accordingly.

2. Store Supplies as They Arrive

Depending on the type of office you run, boxes of medical supplies may arrive every day. Don’t let supplies sit in boxes until the end of the week.

Unpack the supplies and store them right away. 

This prevents damage to important meds and over-stocking concerns. It also provides order to larger-sized storages equipped for normal and temperature-controlled meds. 

3. Catalog Everything

What’s the point of spending thousands on supplies and you can’t remember what you purchased. Better yet, you don’t know what they are.

Catalog supplies that come into the office so that you always know what’s in your inventory, and when to replenish things.  

Keep detailed records of what you order, what comes in, and where it’s stored. Also, be sure to keep a backup of your records. 

4. Match Supplies by Use 

Don’t mismatch supplies. Organize supplies based on importance and what they do. Use one shelf for topicals and another for oral meds.

This makes perfect sense when you’re wondering how to properly store isolation gowns. We’re in the midst of a growing pandemic, you need to know how to store protective gear. Organizing it matters as well. 

5. Use Plastic Storage Bins

For supplies that aren’t used daily, after cataloging, store them in plastic storage bins. Clear plastic bins are inexpensive, and are smart solutions to store overstock and infrequent supplies.  

They’re also great containers for storing sterile supplies. 

Organize Your Supplies

Having medical storage is no good if everything is out of place. Use these tips to get organized and bring order to your medical supplies. 

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