5 Simple Corporate Gifting Ideas That Will Benefit Your Business

Are you a business owner looking for ways to market your business while also giving a gift?

Corporate gifting can be a great way to give someone a unique gift while also spreading the word about your business. Each year companies across America spend an estimated $125 billion on corporate gifts. It’s important to give meaningful gifts with your company logo and contact information on them. 

Read on to learn about 5 simple corporate gifting ideas that will benefit your business!

1. T-Shirts

A t-shirt is a useful gift for the recipient because it’s something they can use over and over again. While a t-shirt can serve a useful purpose for a recipient, it should be made out of comfortable material and have a unique design.

For example, a dry-fit t-shirt might be a little more expensive, but it can also be much more practical if your business is located in a warm-weather climate like Florida. 

2. Tote Bags

Corporate gifts should be items that market your business while also being something useful to someone else. 

A tote bag can be used for many different things. A couple of these include packing a bag to take to the beach or packing clothes for a sleepover.

Since tote bags have many different uses, this also gives them a better opportunity of reaching a wider audience.  

You can look through a product guide to find some other great gift ideas to complement your tote bag!

3. Water Bottles

A great gift for employees and customers alike is a water bottle. Although only 23 percent of adults get their recommended exercise each day, society is more concerned about health than ever before.

A bottle with your business name, logo, and contact information is a great way to share your company with people at gyms, parks, and beyond. 

4. Pop Sockets

In today’s digital world, a pop socket is arguably one of the more useful corporate gifts you can give someone else.

Did you know there were more than 70 million pop sockets manufactured for worldwide distribution? With the popularity of cell phones across the globe, pop sockets give phone users a great way to safely handle their device.

As a corporate gift, each pop socket with your logo on it will be seen by hundreds of people each day.   

5. Miniature Hand Sanitizers

Miniature hand sanitizers may seem like a small gift but they can make a world of difference for the recipient. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people across the world begin to place a renewed emphasis on hand-washing and personal hygiene. A miniature hand sanitizer in a bottle with your business name and logo on it can market your business to many different people as it’s used many times each day. 

Wrapping Up: The Best Corporate Gifting Ideas

The best corporate gifting ideas are the ones that market your business in an effective but affordable way.

Before you begin production of your corporate gift, consider your budget and the best ways to reach your target market. By spending time thinking about these things before you pick your gift(s), you will save your business time and money later.

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