5 Data Security Tips Your Small Business Must Implement

If you run a small business, you must take your company’s security seriously. You will be shocked at how many companies do not seem to be concerned about cybersecurity

But we want you to take care of business, so to speak. We want you to be wary of the vulnerability of your data.

You need to take the necessary precautions. You need to take your company’s data security seriously. 

What to Do With Your Company’s Data Security

We have put together this short guide to help you with your company’s data security.

Make sure you follow these important steps:

1. Security Principles

The first step is to inform your employees about the security principles that they should follow. 

Tell them that they should have very difficult passwords to their computers and their work accounts. You should also prohibit your employees from visiting particular websites that may bring viruses or spy on your data.

You should also advise that your employees use VPN’s to protect their identity and security when browsing the internet.

2. Have Central Data Storage

You should also have central data storage for your company’s data to be securely stored. You should store all your files on a cloud service such as Google Drive or Box.net

You should also consider Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the management of different business processes. This is an efficient way to work and secure your data. Options such as this ERP solution a great way to efficiently manage the company.

3. Always Back Up Your Data

It is imperative that you let your employees know to always back up their data. 

Set a schedule of when everyone is expected to back up their data. Perhaps you can require this to be completed every Friday before the office closes.

The first place to back up data should be on the cloud storage platform. We also recommend giving each employee at least one external hard drive to save their computer data.

There should also be a public network location where all company files can be stored. This way, if your computer crashes – the files can always be accessed from the public network drive.

4. Wi-Fi

You need to make sure that your wi-fi connection is always secure. Have a difficult password for your Wi-Fi and only allow your employees to know it.

You should also discourage your employees to use the Wi-Fi on their mobile devices. Make sure the password is changed regularly – we recommend every 30 days.

You also want to make sure you choose a reliable Wi-Fi provider.

5. Encrypted Communication

It is likely that your company will have several communication methods from email to instant messaging.

We recommend only using encrypted email services such as Proton Mail to make sure your email accounts cannot be easily hacked. For instant messaging, you may wish to use a service such as Telegram or Signal for encrypted chatting.

These will ensure that internal and external communications are not easily traceable or hacked.

Don’t Be Concerned About Data Security

Now that you know the best data security tips, you are ready to secure your company and protect it from attacks.

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