7 Dress Styles for Every Working Woman and How to Style Them

Dress codes for working women have relaxed considerably since they used to have to wear suits with bow blouses. Depending on what industry you work in,  you may have lots of leeway in your dress styles, so long as you keep it professional.

You can even get away with only a few dresses in different styles, and change each outfit with different accessories.

Here are seven classic dress styles that can be worn to the office in a variety of ways.

1. Sheath 

The Audrey Hepburn sheath dress is a classic which can be worn day or night. You can dress it up with heels and pearls, or make it more casual with a cashmere cardigan and flats. 

2. Shirtwaist 

The shirtwaist dress is exactly what it sounds like: a dress that looks like a tailored button-down shirt.

Some styles look like you are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt, which is a little bit sexy. More conservative syles are belted and longer. Paired with a cute bolero jacket or a contrasting scarf, this cool, light style is perfect for the warmer months.

3. Jacket Dress 

Playing off the androgynous look and as a nice alternative to the classic suit, select a dress that is cut like a blazer. Double or single-breasted, these can be found in cotton for spring and summer and wool for winter.

Of course, you can find short jacket dresses in outrageous colors for a bold statement. But you may want to keep the look simple with a classy brooch and dark tights if you are going to the office.

4. Sweater Dress 

For wintery days, why not pair a chunky long sweater with some high boots?  Opaque tights and a signature necklace complete this slightly bohemian look. 

You can also find classy long cardigans in soft cashmere or silk for a fun variation on this style.

5. Wrap 

Diane Von Furstenberg introduced the wrap dress in the 1970s and it quickly attracted a cult-like fanbase. Easy to take on and off, and easy to clean, this style is timeless and needs few accessories other than a clean watch and pair of pumps.

Modeled after the ballerina dress, this swinging style is as at home in the boardroom as it is in the night club or a classy soiree.

6. A-Line

While the A-line style may conjure up images of the 1950s and “I Love Lucy,”  the cinched waist and the wide skirt are highly flattering. It can hide a multitude of sins while showing off your gams in a nice pair of stilettos. 

Wear your hair up with a short blazer over a dress like this and you will command attention. 

7.  Bias Cut 

For less conservative workplaces like art galleries, tech companies, and fashion houses, you can be a little more adventurous with boutique dresses.

A skirt cut on the bias will flatter a slim figure. A handkerchief hemline can be soft and flowy, perfect for a free spirit creative type. Wear with a set of dramatic hoops or dangly earrings and you are all set.

Dress Styles: Choose What’s Best For You 

A woman no longer needs to dress like a man to be in a position of authority Embrace your feminity and power by wearing dress styles that suit your very own sense of fashion, authority, and whimsy.

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