Keep It Clean: How to Find a Housekeeper You Can Trust

Do you hate doing cleaning chores around your house?

If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Household cleaning is one of America’s most hated chores, with 41 percent of people saying they hate cleaning the toilet and 40 percent hate cleaning the oven. Windows are a close third.

It’s understandable if cleaning isn’t your forte, but it’s super important to live in a clean house. This is why you should hire a professional housekeeper to take care of these chores.

So, how do you find a housekeeper you can trust? This is someone who’ll be spending time in your house unsupervised.

When hiring, follow these steps and you’ll certainly find the housekeeper you’re looking for.

Get Recommendations From Friends

When you’re buying a product or service, a friend’s recommendation bears a lot of weight. You’re more likely to give the recommended product a try.

The same goes for when you’re looking for a housekeeper.

There’s a good chance some of your close friends or relatives are using a housekeeper or a cleaning service. Ask them about their experience and whether they’d recommend their housekeeper.

Even if you don’t get the same housekeeper working for your friend, they can help point you in the right direction.

If none of the people in your social circles use a housekeeper, take your search online. A simple “best housekeeper near me” search on Google or Bing will bring up a page with links to some of the top-rated housekeepers in your region.

Independent Housekeeper or Cleaning Company Employee?

Most housekeepers work for professional cleaning companies but there are others who work solo.

Which do you prefer?

Solo housekeepers tend to have cheaper rates, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to go for one. However, because they’re not part of an organization, it might be difficult to hold them accountable.

On the other hand, hiring a housekeeper from an established organization, such as this cleaning company, you know where to seek redress should anything go wrong. If you don’t prefer a certain housekeeper, simply ask the company to send you another one and it’ll be done immediately.

Also, cleaning companies routinely conduct background checks before hiring maids and housekeepers. This means you’re more likely to find a housekeeper you can trust when you source your cleaner from a cleaning company.

Check Range of Cleaning Services Offered

Housekeepers will typically offer a wide range of household cleaning services, including laundry, floors, dishes, carpets, and pretty much everything else that needs cleaning in your household.

However, some specialty areas might not be covered.

For example, if your floors need waxing, you need to ask whether a housekeeper provides the service before you hire them.

Liability Insurance

What happens if a housekeeper breaks or damages a valuable item in the house?

Do you just cut the loss or ask them to pay?

You won’t be in this dilemma if you hire a housekeeper who carries adequate liability insurance. If they damage a valuable item in the cause of their work, their insurance provider will pay up.

It’s Time to Find a Housekeeper You Can Trust

Hiring a housekeeper is the right thing to do when you don’t have the time or skills to clean your house properly. With this guide, you now know how to find a housekeeper who’s trustworthy, competent, and reliable.

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