9 Reasons Why Now Is the Time for a Digital Business Transformation

Experts predict that eCommerce sales can reach up to $4.13 trillion in 2020. This not only shows the power of digital businesses but also what the future of business looks like. 

It’s important that businesses start a digital and business transformation. It’s important because a pandemic can turn a business bankrupt. 

With the eruption of COVID-19, there are some businesses who have become bankrupt because they don’t have an online business. Customers don’t want to leave their homes so they’re shopping online. 

If you want your business to thrive in the future and survive any future pandemics, it’s important to transform your business. It’s important for your business to transition to the digital world as most of your customers are there. 

Here are nine reasons why a digital transformation is needed for your business. 

1. Understand the Customer

The first part of a business transformation into the digital world is understanding your customer. You have to understand how they shop and how you can make their life easier. 

Before you switch over to digital technology, generate surveys on how your customers like to shop online. Figure out their frustrations. 

Overall, the more you know about your customer and how they like to shop online, the more your business will be prepared to make that digital transformation. 

With more customers shopping online, your business will need to adapt to the customer and how they shop. That’s why it’s important to understand the customer. 

2. Get Social Media

Social media is another way for your business to make that transformation into the digital era. It allows you to convey your brand through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. 

It gives you the opportunity to hang out where your customer hangs out and show them what your business is about. 

In addition, social media gives you multiple platforms to express your brand, show the newest sales. You can also join in on the conversation about COVID-19 and remind your customers that you’re there to help. 

3. Email Marketing

Email has been around a long time, but some businesses don’t utilize the power of it to communicate with their customers. 

Email marketing is a way to send out newsletters, broadcast emails, and ultimately communicate with your audience. By sending out constant emails, you are staying in communication with your audience.

Email is also a powerful tool to have your business send out sales and promotions. You can also send out surveys and ask your customers some questions. 

Email marketing is a critical part of online business, and it shows why now is the time for a digital business transformation. 

4. Understand Data

You should become more familiar with the data of your business as your business becomes shifts to more online technology. 

Data will help your business understand the customer, their purchases, why they shop, and how you can promote your business online. 

5. Work Remotely

With remote work becoming more prevalent, you also have online communication that is essential to working remotely. 

Software like Slack offers businesses an opportunity to collaborate without missing a beat. For instance, Slack offers different channels for employees to communicate with each other. 

Slack is only one example of how work remotely is becoming commonplace. It shows how employees can still communicate and work without having to be in an office. 

You can also see information on the best remote development team and they digitalized business. 

6. Everything Is Mobile

Mobile is taking over as the premier way to search and look for businesses. While people still use desktop, it’s not as popular as a mobile search

If your business website and how customers shop is not ready for mobile, now is the time to get it ready. 

Now is the time for your business to shift everything toward mobile because more people are actively searching on their phones than ever before.

7. Have New Sales Channels

Having new sales channels means looking at different ways to present the information to your customers. It means showing your product on different channels in order to get the most from your business. 

8. Be Searchable

SEO is another reason why you should digitally transform your business.

When your business transitions to become digitalized, you have more options for SEO. That means your blogs and other forms of content can help your business rank on Google. 

It also makes your business more searchable on mobile and desktop. You are adapting to the needs of your customers by helping them find your business. 

9. Automation Is the Future

Another benefit of transforming your business to become more digitalized is through automation. 

Automation is the future of business, especially when it comes to automating invoices, sending products via subscription, and business tasks. It makes your business easier to run. 

One of the ways your business can benefit from automation is by automating your leads. When you automate your leads, you can have the sales team speak directly to them. 

In addition, you can also follow up with your leads. 

A Business Transformation Will Help Prepare Your Business for the Future

A business transformation into the digital workplace can give your business an opportunity to thrive in the future. With COVID-19 closing businesses down and more businesses shifting online, it’s important to figure out how your business will adjust. 

It’s important to take advantage of these reasons that show why digital transformation is a necessity. 

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