How to Find a Domestic Violence Lawyer: A Simple Guide

Finding the right domestic violence lawyer can be a high-pressure situation when you find yourself charged with such a serious crime. Unfortunately, the legal system isn’t always on your side from the outset nor is public opinion.

When accusations of domestic violence are made, there often is an implication of guilt that makes it difficult to get a fair trial. Just look at the recent misconceptions regarding the supposed (nonexistent) uptick in domestic violence cases as the result of Coronavirus. In other words, society assumes the worst.

That said, domestic violence is a serious charge for a reason. When it happens, innocent lives can be in danger. As a result, the system takes it very seriously.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, this guide should help you find the right attorney for your case. Let’s get started!

Check Certifications

The first place to start when hiring a domestic violence attorney is their certifications. Confirm they are a member of your state’s Bar Association. Now is also a good time to check any additional awards, memberships, and certifications they may possess. The more, the better!

Make Sure They Have Relevant Experience

Domestic violence lawyers should have the relevant experience for your case. Years of practice are not as meaningful as an indicator as to whether they’ve taken on clients like you before. You’ll also want to see what the outcomes of those previous cases were.

Seek an Advisor

One thing often overlooked when examining how to pick a lawyer is whether they are willing and able to provide intelligent counsel on top of their representation. Will they work with you to tell you what your best options are, regardless of guilt or innocence? Taking that extra time ensures they care about you as a person.

Make Sure They Communicate Well

This is not just true for a domestic lawyer but for any lawyer. You don’t want to hire an attorney who keeps you guessing as to what comes next, what to expect, etc. Don’t accept extraordinary situations as an excuse for losing contact either.

The pandemic, for instance: we’re all living through it. Even though life has been altered, you’ve still got a court date to worry about. Read more here to learn about how attorneys should be keeping contact with their clients in the age of social distancing.

Find Someone Who Will Work With You

You’ll also want a domestic abuse lawyer who is understanding and caring about your situation, particularly how it affects your pocketbook. Being arrested and charged with domestic violence can cause significant financial disruption. Your attorney should be willing to work with you on payment terms and plans. 

Find Someone Who Will Work For You

Finally, you need an attorney who is willing to believe in you and work toward the best outcome of your case. That means getting you off entirely or mitigating any sentence that may be coming your way.

Your Domestic Violence Lawyer You Hire Can Make or Break You

If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a domestic violence lawyer, do your homework first. Don’t hire the first attorney you see. Outcomes and qualifications are important, and they can make or break your case (and you). 

Best of luck in your search! For more legal tips and advice, check out some of our additional posts!