Globetrotting Tips for Managing a Business While Traveling

Did you know that almost 40% of travelers say that this activity takes the most priority when it comes to discretionary spending? This seems to be true as nearly $1 trillion was spent on traveling in 2017 alone. Regardless of income, age or destination, people all over the world love to travel each year.

But how can you mix traveling with managing a business? Is there a way to combine both and come up with a successful formula? Luckily, it is possible to do that. Keep reading this article to learn tips on managing a small business while traveling around the world!

Travel During the Weekends and Remain Productive Throughout the Week

Especially if you travel for more than 6 months each year, it would be a good idea to schedule your flights during the weekend. This helps you remain on top of your work during the weekdays and stay in touch with your clients and business partners. Also, create a work schedule that fits your needs. Some people like to work early in the morning while others prefer to do it in the afternoon. Whatever your preferred schedule, be consistent with it to avoid losing money.

Get a Portable Wi-Fi Everywhere You Go

Although hotels advertise having good Wi-Fi connectivity for free, do not rely just on that. Make sure that you invest in a high-quality portable Wi-Fi device with an unlimited plan and multiple GB of LTE data. Use the hotel Wi-Fi if it’s good, otherwise switch to your portable device and continue your work uninterrupted. Most portable Wi-Fi devices come with sufficient monthly data to cover your needs, but if you also want to watch videos, consider getting a better plan.

Be Prepared to Stay up a Few Nights If Necessary

If you own a business online, chances are that you have clients all over the world. Some of these clients might be in different time zones than you. If you have an important business call, it might be possible for you to stay up all night to match your client’s time zone. This is just part of the job, so be prepared for it. 

Plan Everything Ahead and Have a To-Do List

The only way you can make peace with both of your preferred activities – working and traveling – is to have a plan and stick to it. For example, make sure that you create to-do lists for each workday. Plan your sightseeing and entertainment time accordingly when you want to explore the city. Make sure that you allow sufficient time to sleep as well as eating out. If you’re a blogger, you might even want to write articles in advance and publish them when you’re traveling and can’t go online.

These Tips Make Managing a Business a Piece of Cake!

As you can see, managing a business while traveling is not the most difficult thing in the world. You just need a bit of discipline and a rock-solid plan that you follow every day. Being a digital nomad is the aspiration of many business owners, so if you pull this off, you’re golden!

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