5 Awesome Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Do you think that digital is the only way to market your business in 2020? Think again.

For every $167 an American business spends on direct mail marketing, they can expect to earn $2,095 in goods sold. That’s a staggering 1,300% return on investment!

There’s no doubt that an effective direct mail campaign can attract countless new customers to your business. But before you drop those shiny packages in the mail, you first need the right direct mail marketing strategy.

If you’re stumped for creative ideas, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll reveal 5 direct mail marketing ideas that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Read on for fresh inspiration!

1. Anything 3-D

Any business can send a flat, boring letter or postcard. Why not surprise your customers with campaign mailers that become 3-dimensional?

If you’re on a tight budget, try an informational 3-D popup card. You could also consider mailing your marketing pieces in a small flat box instead of a traditional envelope. (No one will throw away a box without opening it!)

What if you have a little more budget to play with? Mail your customers something that requires basic assembly, like puzzle pieces or a fun DIY project.

2. Branded Gum or Mint Tins

Around the world, people chew 374 billion pieces of gum every year. Chances are good that many of your target customers enjoy chewing gum, so why not give them what they want?

You can include your logo, branding, and a short message on a customized pack of gum or shiny mint tin. This gift works especially well people will continue to use it for a long time, keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

3. Air Fresheners

This is another great idea for marketers on a tight budget. Design your own branded air freshener with a pleasant or relaxing scent.

You could even include a few separate pieces for their car, home, and office. Every time they open the door and smell that scent, they’ll think of your company!

4. Webcam Covers

We’re all concerned about personal security these days, so why not include something practical like a branded webcam cover in your direct mail campaign?

Webcam covers are inexpensive items that many people are likely to use. Best of all, they’ll see your brand right in front of their eyes every time they sit at their computer.

5. Branded Gifts for Kids or Pets

If your budget allows, a great way to capture your customers’ attention is to send a gift for one of the two things they love most—their kids or their pets.

Great direct mail advertising ideas could include branded onesies, bibs, or baby toys for the little ones. A dog leash, frisbee, or cat collar could be the standout item that wins you a new loyal customer.

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for 2020: Now You Know

So, which of these direct mail marketing ideas will work best for your business?

Is it the branded mints or children’s toys? A pleasant smelling air freshener? Or something highly practical like a webcam cover?

Whether your budget is big or small, you can create a successful and effective direct mail campaign. All it takes is a little ingenuity!

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