5 Key Tips for Picking the Right Office Phone System

With the pandemic disrupting business operations, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your office phone system is working perfectly. That way, you can communicate with customers and fellow employees with ease and reliability.

Are you wondering which is the best telephone for the daily operations of your entire office?

Keep reading to learn about 5 tips for picking the right office phone system.

1. Get the Right Plan

Just like when you buy a mobile phone, you’re going to need to pick a phone plan for the office.

You should ensure that this plan meets all of your business operation needs. It’s a good idea to ask your provider about any hidden fees or extra features.

Additionally, it’s important to know what kind of maintenance and tech-support they offer.

2. Consider Each System

In order to pick the perfect office phone system, you need to be aware of the types of systems available.

For starters, there’s a business landline and PTSN. These analog-type phones might not be suitable for our current digital world, however. You can add a virtual phone service that forwards your calls but these are not ideal for multiple people.

State-of-the-art phone systems use the internet and cloud technology to offer a streamlined service, such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Overall, you’ll be glad to know that you have options when choosing the best business phones.

3. Don’t Neglect Mobile Phone Support

More and more employees are working from home part-time or full-time. In fact, almost 20% of Americans work from home at least part-time. During the pandemic, this will increase dramatically.

With this in mind, you should make sure that your office phone system can sync with mobile phones. This will usually be done in the form of a specialized or third-party app.

4. Ask About the Learning Curve

Some systems are easier to use than others. Depending on the complexity of the office phone system, you may need to give your employees some additional training.

If you want a simpler phone system that requires little to no training, you should do more than listen to the advertising pitch. Rather, it’s important to assess the exact communication needs of your business and make sure those fit perfectly with the phone system you choose.

5. Keep Your Infrastructure in Mind

When deciding on a phone system, you’ll need to know if your current infrastructure will support the new system.

If not, then you’ll probably end up spending a lot more money than you first thought you would.

Depending on your business needs, it might be worth the investment.

Ready to Get an Office Phone System?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 tips for picking the right office phone system, you can ensure that your business operations are smoother than ever. You won’t have to worry about a dropped or staticky call again.

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