Quickfire Advice for When It’s Time to Hire a Painter Contractor

Paintbrushes? Check. Primer? Check. Painter’s tape? Check. You have everything you need for your painting project, but painting is hard work. 

When should you hire a painter or do it yourself? Here’s some advice on when it’s time to hire a painter contractor and how to hire one. 

Leave it to the Professionals

Some jobs are just too big for one person. Painting the exterior of your home can take a lot of time. There is also a lot of work involved in prepping the house before it is painted and cleaning up afterward. 

You may think you are saving time and money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a house painter, but a professional painter contractor can be quicker and cheaper in the long run. 

Professional house painters pay attention to the details and do a high-quality job. They will even come back and fix any mistakes after the job is finished. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to hire a professional:

  • Are you painting the interior or exterior?
  • Are you painting one room or the entire house? 
  • Is your home one story or two? 
  • Are you painting with a new color? 

What is a Painter Contractor?

Professional painters work as a contractor for the homeowner. They can be a single person or a team of individuals working for a company. Professional painters are licensed and insured in case anything is damaged on the job. They often provide a warranty on the service. 

South Coast Painters is a commercial painting contractor located in southern California. They specialize in commercial painting as well as interior and exterior home painting. Their team of certified professionals is sure to get the job done and stay on time and budget. 

How to Hire a Professional Painter Contractor

Find a painter contractor who is licensed and insured and ask for an estimate. Be sure to ask if the cost of the paint is included in the estimate and if there will be any additional costs. 

Ask what type of paint will be used and how many coats your home will need. It’s also a good idea to ask how long the job will take and if the house painters will need you to vacate the home. 

Compare your quote with other painter contractors in the area to make sure you get the best price. But remember: you get what you pay for. Sometimes it’s better to hire a company with more experience to get the job done versus the company who will do it at the cheapest price.

Professional Painters for All Your Needs

Deciding when to hire a painter contractor is a personal decision. Think about your painting skills, the time it will take to complete the job and how much it will cost. Then weigh the pros and cons for yourself. 

If a friend or family member is looking to paint your home share this article with them before they start the job and read our other article on home repair today.