How Much Does Hyperbaric Treatment Cost?

Hyperbaric therapy is a mysterious and misunderstood treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Michael Jackson put this unique treatment on the map when it was revealed that he allegedly slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Since then, hyperbaric treatment has been both a punchline and a source of genuine curiosity.

The truth about hyperbaric treatment is far less sensational than it is beneficial. This therapy is used to treat everything from radiation poisoning to skin infections.

This innovative therapy is a medical breakthrough, but how much does hyperbaric treatment cost? Learn more about this fascinating therapy, average costs, and how to pay for treatment.

The History of Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric therapy uses pressurized oxygen chambers to increase and improve oxygen flow in your body. The concept was invented in the 17th-century by the British physician, Nathaniel Henshaw. By the mid-19th-century, oxygen chambers were being used in the U.S. to several conditions.

The prevailing opinion was that oxygen chambers could treat respiratory issues. It wasn’t long before hyperbaric chambers were being used to treat decompression sickness in military divers by the 1940s.

This solution is still the primary method for treating decompression illness in divers. DCI can be fatal if it’s not treated within hours after getting out of the water. The chamber decreases the number of oxygen bubbles that cause DCI.

What Other Conditions Does Hyperbaric Therapy Treat?

Decompression sickness is just one medical condition that requires hyperbaric treatment. While this therapy is used for many issues, the FDA has only approved its use for 13 conditions.

FDA-Approved conditions include:

  1. Skin grafts
  2. Severe anemia from blood loss
  3. Bone marrow infections
  4. Decompression sickness (DCI)
  5. Embolism
  6. Severe sinus infections
  7. Radiation poisoning
  8. Gangrene
  9. Low blood flow
  10. Soft tissue damage from necrosis
  11. Ischemia
  12. Fire burns
  13. Carbon monoxide poisoning

There are also several “non-approved” uses for hyperbaric therapy. However, they may be approved in the future. Other uses include asthma, hepatitis, heart disease, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

How Does Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Work?

Hyperbaric therapy uses pressurized oxygen chambers to administer treatment. The pressure inside these chambers is three-times higher than typical oxygen pressure. Your lungs inhale more oxygen in this environment.

Your body needs enough oxygen to heal wounds and fight bacteria. This innovative therapy even stimulates stem cell production!

Patients lay face up in the chamber and breathe in pressurized oxygen. You can also sit upright in a hyperbaric room with multiple people if you wish. Treatment can last anywhere from five minutes to two hours.

Multiple sessions are typically required for treating severe conditions. Some conditions may require up to 40 sessions.

How to Prepare For Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You’re not allowed to bring any flammable devices or accessories into the chamber. Lighters and battery-powered electronics will ignite under pressurized oxygen. Rest assured, a professional won’t let you enter a chamber with any dangerous items.

You’ll need to remove any petroleum-based lotions, skin treatments, and hair products before entering the oxygen chamber.

Hyperbaric therapy is an outpatient therapy, so overnight hospital stays are not required. There are little side effects, except, you may feel hungry and tired afterward. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before treatment.

How Much Does Hyperbaric Treatment Cost?

Hyperbaric therapy costs vary, but the average cost for one sessions is roughly $250. However, individual sessions can be as high as $450. A 40-round cycle costs around $10,000 on average.

There are a lot of top providers offering this type of treatment. The best way to estimate your costs is to perform a price comparison of your top choices. Some clinics may even have seasonal discounted treatments.

If you’re planning on multiple sessions for several years, you may want to purchase your own hyperbaric chambers. Quadriplegic individuals and former sports athletes alike use at-home chambers for pain relief and oxygen flow.

To learn more, check out the newtowne hyperbaric chamber. An at-home chamber can deliver the same relief and healing as a professional clinic. However, you must consult your doctor before using one in your own. You’re still required to follow all safety protocols.

How to Pay for Hyperbaric Treatment

As you just learned, this type of treatment isn’t cheap. You may be able to pay for one session out of pocket, but the costs skyrocket from there. First, see if your health insurance covers hyperbaric treatment for your condition.

If your employer or state health insurance doesn’t cover hyperbaric treatment, see if your first-choice clinics offer payment plans. You may be able to work out a monthly payment plan with the clinic. Many clinics offer financing through third-party institutions, like CareCredit.

Look at any private health insurance options available. Some wellness-based insurance plans may cover treatment for non-FDA approved conditions. A wellness clinic or med-spa may also have financing plans available.

Your next option is a personal loan. Depending on your current credit situation, a personal loan can cover several weeks of treatment. If you have fair or poor credit, you may be eligible for a high-risk personal loan. However, high-risk loans comes with higher interest rates.

How to Find Hyperbaric Treatment

You want the best treatment experience possible. Finding the best provider starts with thorough research. Search by zip code to find the closest providers in your area, and narrow down your choices for there.

Ask for referrals before choosing a treatment center. Your friends, family, and neighbors may have some great leads. Your neighborhood social media groups may yield some leads too.

Always check online reviews before booking an appointment. Avoid 1 to 2-star rated clinic. Give your top choices a call beforehand to gauge the vibe of the clinic.

Discover the Treatment You Need

How much does hyperbaric treatment cost? Your total cost will depend on a number of factors.

Consider your condition, number of sessions, clinic prices, and your credit situation when factoring your costs.

Do you need more resources for finding a clinic, medical office, or business? Check out the blog for tips and tricks for discovering the services you need.