How to Find a Dentist That Doesn’t Terrify You


Dental phobia is a real thing. It’s predicted that up to 20 percent of Americans avoid routine dental care because they’re scared of being in the chair. 

However, while few people will ever describe a visit to the dentist as “fun,” finding a good dentist is a key to help overcome this challenge. A dentist with the right skills and demeanor can help you settle down long enough to get care. And if that doesn’t work, they may be able to use other approaches that do.

Here are some tips on how to choose a dentist you can trust.

1. Interview Them 

This doesn’t have to be a prepared list of questions. But if you’re looking around for a dentist, don’t be afraid to request a meet and greet to get a feel for them.

You should feel comfortable talking to them about your health history, especially if you have dental anxiety. If they shrug their shoulders about your concerns or don’t seem particularly warm, then perhaps move on. 

2. Be Wary Of Expensive Treatments

If the dentist starts suggesting complete mouth reconstruction or other expensive procedures soon after meeting you, it could be a red flag. This is especially true if you haven’t had many oral issues in the past. 

A dentist who starts throwing root canals at you from the start might increase your anxiety, and it also could be a sign they’re putting money first over you. 

3. Ask About Sedation Options

Sometimes, even a calm and friendly dentist is not enough to calm you down. In this case, you might want to ask about other ways they can have you relax during a cleaning or procedure. 

There are a few ways an office such as Smileworks General & Cosmetic Dentistry might deliver sedation. One of the most popular ways is with nitrous oxide, which will wear off when the flow of it ends. Another is an oral sedative pill, but you might have to have a ride waiting for you to take you home. 

4. Judge The Cleanliness

Is the office as bright and cheery as the staff? Or do you feel like you’re walking into the back entrance of a warehouse, where it’s dark and dusty?

You’ll probably get a “vibe” as soon as you walk into a dental clinic. If you see dental tools laying about without explanation or the place is generally messy, it might be wise to give it a miss. 

5. Determine If They’re Gentle

A dentist can talk the talk, but it’s how they are with you in the dental chair that matters.

If you feel like they’re too rough, even after you’ve said so, then they might not care about your concerns. They might just be trying to get it done to move on to the next patient.

Finding A Good Dentist Is A Good Move

Do your research before choosing a dentist. After all, finding a good dentist means you’ll have an expert you can trust to maintain your oral health potentially for life!

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