“Pimp Your Ride”: 8 Cool Things to Do to Your Car

If you grew up in the early 2000s chances are you’ve seen MTV’s Pimp My Ride. The show’s premise is simple: a lucky contestant would get a visit by rapper Xzibit and have their old car massively upgraded. 

We’re not talking about getting new headlights or rims, the cars would be “pimped out” with tv screens in the car seats and jacuzzis the trunk — yup, you read that right.

Although the show is canceled, you can still have a pimped out ride, minus the outrageous additions. Keep reading to find out all the cool things to do to your car. 

1. Interior Neon Lights

One thing car lovers can agree on is that the interior of the car is the least appealing — especially in the dark. One way you can add some style to your car is by installing interior lights. Neon lights add a cool ambiance to your car and impress your passengers.

Interior neon lights are available in a multitude of colors that help set the mood and appeal to your personal style. Want a party vibe? Opt for blue lights. Want to set a romantic tone? Choose red. 

The great thing about interior car lights is that you don’t have to be a pro to install them. Not to mention, they’re reasonably priced. Most car light kits start at $12 — that’s a steal compared to the upgrade it makes! 

2. Rims

Your rims are the most noticeable part of your car. The right pair of rims could take your car from ordinary to head-turning. There are many sizes and styles of rims to choose from. How do you know which pair of rims are right for your car?

First, it’s crucial to know that altering your car’s wheels impacts the alignment, braking, acceleration, and calibration of your speedometer. Wider rims provide more traction while accelerating, braking, and turning. 

It’s also recommended that you opt for aluminum rims. Why? Aluminum rims weigh less than steel rims which helps you save fuel and eliminate brake heat. 

However, aluminum rims are less durable than steel ones. Whichever style of rims you choose, make sure they match the color and style of your car. 

3. Car Seat Covers

Live we mention earlier, the interior isn’t the most decorative part of the car. Give your car interior some personality with seat covers. Not only do these car accessories beautify bland seats but they old protect from food and drink spillage and cover irreparable damage.

What’s great about seat covers is that they are affordable. The average cost for high-quality seat covers is around $50. We’d say that’s a good price for durable and comfy seats.

4. Pinstripe

Want to add a unique design to your car? Consider pinstriping. Pinstriping applies a thin line of paint and is used to add decoration to your car. You’ve probably seen cars with an intricate design — that’s called pinstriping. 

Pinstripes highlight the lines of the car and are typically two or more colors. There’s no limit to the types of pinstriping you can add to your car. 

5. Window Tinting

There’s nothing chicer than tinted windows. Aside from giving your car an elevated level of sophistication but they give you some extra privacy. Also, tinted windows protect you from harmful sun rays. Excessive exposure to the sun has damaging effects on your skin and your health. 

Tinted windows block out 99 percent of ultraviolet light. This not only protects you and your passengers but y our car’s interior as well. The heat from the sun causes the upholstery to crack and fade. 

If you’re thinking about tinting your windows, you have a few options. You can use a standard film — which costs around $100. You can also opt for a high-quality film which costs anywhere from $200 to $500. Discover more window tints here.

6.Transparent GPS

A transparent GPS is one of the many cool things to do to your car. Say goodbye to your regular old GPS device and welcome in this sick new invention. This device is a glass piece sticks to your windshield and displays GPS information. 

A transparent GPS will make your car look futuristic and keep your and your passengers safe. The purpose of a transparent GPS is to keep your eyes on the road — reducing your chances of getting into accidents. 

Such a cool like this must be expensive, right? Nope. You can get one of these for $60.

7. Xenon Headlights

Did you know that most people judge the look of a car by its headlights? Leave a lasting first impression with xenon headlights. Xenon High-Intensity bulbs emit a white/blue tint that provides optimal brightness. Not only does the added brightness help you see further at night but it makes your car look gorgeous!

Xenon headlights also use less energy and have a better impact on your car battery. Not to mention, these lights last longer than standard headlights. Want to get your hands on xenon headlights? One pack costs around $50. 

8.Upgraded Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel is the most used and most overlooked part of your car. There are many ways you can upgrade your boring old steering wheel but which one is right for your car?

If you want a more luxurious and stylish look, choose a chrome or red steering wheel. Also, a leather stitched steering wheel gives your car class and sophistication. You can choose from an array of steering wheel covers or have one custom made. The cost of a custom steering wheel ranges from $100 to $350.

There Are So Many Cool Things to Do to Your Car! 

As you can see here, small tweaks and improvements can take your car to the next level. Great thing is, you don’t have to step foot into an auto custom shop. How will you pimp your ride?

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