Why Surrogacy? 5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Surrogate

Every year, around 2,000 babies are born via surrogacy in America.

Surrogacy is a wonderful, miraculous choice for couples who can’t conceive for a variety of different reasons. 

We’ll look at just five of the reasons why surrogacy might be the right decision for you. Let’s get started: 

1. You Are Infertile 

Around 12% of couples in the US have trouble becoming pregnant. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, remember you are not alone.

Infertility is a common problem that has many causes. Unfortunately, sometimes your infertility may simply be unexplainable. This can be frustrating, upsetting and disappointing. 

To avoid more sadness, it’s time to consider a surrogate mother and put the period of conceiving behind you to focus on the miracle of child-rearing instead. 

2. You’re Afraid of Pregnancy and Childbirth 

Up to 14% of women suffer from tokophobia, the fear of pregnancy. This can be caused by many factors from fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear for the child’s life, or even past sexual abuse. 

If you have heard stories of traumatic births, then you are more likely to suffer from tokophobia. But, try reaching out to friends and family who have wonderful birth stories. 

You may decide to hire a surrogate or, if you are able to overcome this fear, you may enjoy your birth experiences and decide to become a surrogate yourself!

3. Time Is Passing Quickly 

It’s true that couples are most fertile during their younger years, such as throughout their 20s. But, sometimes time passes us by and all of a sudden, 20 more years have passed.

If you’re finding it difficult to conceive due to your age or are simply worried about the health of your baby, it may be time to consider a surrogate.

4. You Have Suffered Miscarriages

Up to 20% of pregnancies in America result in miscarriage. This experience is heartbreaking. 

Allow yourself time to grieve and talk to people who have had the same experience as you. It will take time to decide whether you want to try for another pregnancy.

If you suffer from multiple miscarriages, then you may want to consider a surrogate. 

5. You Want to Raise a Child From Birth

Have you have considered adoption? Surprisingly, you may find that it is a simpler process to hire a surrogate rather than adopt a baby from birth. 

Furthermore, during the surrogacy period, you will have the wonderful opportunity of getting to know your surrogate mother and her family. 

She will be able to help calm your first-time parent nerves! Better yet, you’ll be present at the birth of your baby.

These Reasons Explain Why Surrogacy is a Great Choice

Deciding to have a baby is a huge decision that should never be taken lightly. Everything from your fertility to your finances needs to be considered. 

Hiring a surrogate may be one of the best options for parents who simply can’t get pregnant. This is why surrogacy is so popular in the US.

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