Everything You Need To Know About Buying Wholesale Western Wear

It’s easy to look at the modern world and come to the conclusion that our society is moving online. National parks are losing funding, farmers are struggling, and politics and crises have everyone flocking to social media for news and to share opinions.

It might seem like a strange time to invest in wholesale western wear, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Going against the grain are leagues of Americans, Canadians, and other settlers participating in modern homesteading. If you haven’t heard about the movement, it’s a push to become more self-sufficient and live off the land. 

It takes its name and a good amount of its inspiration from the United States’ Homestead Act of 1862, a crucial part of colonizing the western part of the country.

Not only that, but it’s not just you concerned about our internet-obsessed world. Along with the homesteaders, other people are becoming worried about the state of our environment and spending more time outside. 

What to do? Capitalize on it!

Why Western Wear?

Western wear might seem like an extremely niche market, and in some regards, that’s true. Cowboy hats, leather vests, chaps, boots—the stereotypical image of western garb is still a handsome 1800s cowboy tearing through the desert on a mighty steed.

Now, don’t kid yourself—that lifestyle still exists! Ranching families, rodeos, flying through the desert on a horse, the dude ranch experience, tourist shops in Texas and the American southwest—all of these traditions are excellent opportunities to corner that market.

That said, the western lifestyle isn’t just about living there. Since the beginning, it’s been a big part of the creation of the United States itself! It’s part of the American Dream: The idea that this land is ours to take and use for our individual sustenance and profit.

What does that have to do with selling western wear? Well, it means your consumer base is a whole lot bigger than it seems!

If you follow that history and brand your western wear as American wear, can you imagine how many people want in on that? All kinds of modern homesteaders and outdoors people will line up to buy the gear.

This politically-charged age is prime time to stake your claim, as traditional Americans look for a strong national identity.

Picking Western Clothes to Sell

Whether you’ve decided to open a store, to offer western-style clothing in your current shop, or just restock for cheap, your next steps are the same: Decide which products to focus on, find a wholesale retailer, and buy, buy, buy!

So, what’s out there? Here’s the lowdown.

Western Wear for Women

We’re in the 2020s. It’s time to stop assuming women can’t or don’t want to get rough ‘n’ rowdy, too. Let’s be real: Ladies are just as competent—if not more put together—than the boys!

All sorts of women are dying to get their hands on appropriate clothing! Not too many want to wear baggy men’s clothes. Give them the fitted women’s western wear they crave! 

Channel Your Inner Cowboy

Of course, there’s a place for that baggy (or not so baggy) men’s wear. Guys can live out their outdoorsy dreams, too, with all the cowboy gear they could possibly need. Of course, it’s not just for bona fide cowboys, but the everyday man as well.

For Your Cow-Kids

What kid doesn’t dream of being a cowgirl or cowboy?

You can buy high-quality, cheap western wear for kids to foster outdoor dreams—parents eat it right up. What’s cuter than their children in cowboy clothes? Nothing!

Subtle Western Gear

Western wear is a philosophy, not just regional. Because of that, the style has moved past classic “cowboy clothes” and into subtle, casual wear, like fleeces, shirts, and hoodies.

This means there are western-style clothes out there for anyone—whether or not they even want to go outside! By selling western pieces that blend into general trends, you’ll appeal to parents, partners, and friends whose outdoorsy loved ones drag them along.

Because of these options, you have a considerable consumer base!

Why Buy Wholesale Western Wear?

It’s simple: Buying wholesale saves a lot of money. That means that when you sell, you make a more significant profit!

When buying wholesale western clothes, you work with a retailer to purchase a large number of garments. You have your pick of what they offer and get a bulk discount for featuring their products.

Most retailers have a dollar amount you have to pass before you’re able to buy wholesale—for example, your order might have to be at least $300 or $500 to qualify. This article is a good start, but it’s smart to read more about wholesale western wear before making your move, too. 

Whatever route you take, know that if you’re buying a lot for your shop, wholesale is the only way to get the best western wear prices!

Looking for More Business Tips?

If you’re looking to buy wholesale western wear for your business, this is all you need to get going. However, buying clothes is only one small part of running a retail store.

Naturally, before you take this big step, you should work to set up all the basics of your business.

Do you have a physical or online shop yet? Do you know how to do payroll? Are you licensed?

If not, don’t panic! Answers to all sorts of business questions like these can be found on our blog. Just keep reading for everything you need to be successful in business.