A 2020 Guide to the Best On-Page SEO Checklist for First Page Ranking

Being in the first position for your target terms in the search engines is a goal for every marketer. The higher on the first page your website ranks, the better.

One of the important parts of ranking in the search engines is your on page SEO. Having a checklist will help ensure you hit each of the important parts of your on page SEO plan.

Continue reading this article, and we will let you know what should be on your list of on-page must-haves for the best SEO.

Proper Keyword Research

Before you start hoping to rank in search engines, you need to learn how to do keyword researching. Researching keywords to make sure you use ones that are high volume and low competition will allow you to get the best results the fastest.

Once you have your target keyword down, you’ll you the following information to optimize your content. You can also read Elysium Marketing Guru’s content for helpful insights.

Page Title

Fitting the keyword into the title in an appealing manner is a must. Your title tag is the first thing the search engines are going to show in the search results. It also lets the search engines know what your page is about.

Meta Description

The keyword also needs to be used in the meta description since it shows up in the search engines. Use a call to action in the meta description as well, so you entice people to click.


Your page’s URL is another clue for the search engines. Don’t make the URL too long, but try to fit the keyword in gracefully.

Content Quality

Google and other search engines want to show the best content for the query. If you know that your content isn’t the best of the best, it’s time for you to go back to the drawing board.

Creating the highest quality content will put you in the running for the first page, even without backlinks.

Make sure you go into detail where necessary, and structure your content, so it is easy to follow.

Internal Links

Internal links are links that link from one page to another page. When you link your pages together naturally, you help your readers find other content they will be interested in. You also help the search engines find this content and to understand what it is about.

Image Alt Text

When you add images to your page, you should have one of the images with the alt text that includes the keyword.

Following Your On Page SEO Checklist

Now that you know more about creating your on page SEO checklist, you can start implementing what you’ve learned for better rankings on Google. When you rank on Google, you’re likely to rank on other search engines as well, which means even more traffic.

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