The Top 6 Most Common Body Shop Repairs Performed Today

Once you’ve been driving for about 18 years, it’s actually unusual if you haven’t needed any body shop repairs. That’s only for average drivers, too. While many of us feel that we drive more safely than we actually do, plenty more are well aware of their accident-prone driving. 

It’s easy for drivers to believe car accidents are out of the ordinary, but with over 276 million cars on the road in the United States—that’s only about 50 million fewer cars on the road than there are people in the country—they’re actually more common than ever.

If that’s frightening to you, that’s understandable! It doesn’t mean you have to be scared off the streets. Get wise to these 6 most common body shop repairs so you can know what to watch out for and be ready for a likely expense.

1. Fender Damage Fixes

When someone has a relatively minor car accident, we all call them fender benders, don’t we? Somehow, this has become slang for accidents that don’t even involve fender damage.

Given that, it should come as no surprise that one of the most common car body repairs is to cars’ fenders. 

2. Repairing Dents in Your Front Bumper

It’s easy to misjudge the distance between your car and a hazard, like a large rock. When roads are slippery, the risk of front bumper damage increases significantly. For anything but the smallest damages, auto body professionals often have to get involved.

3. Repairing Dents in Your Back Bumper

One of the most common accidents that result in both front and back bumper damage are pile-ups. This is when one accident results in a chain of cars running into one another, often all back-to-front. 

A simple way to avoid these is to avoid hazardous driving conditions. Another excellent practice is reading accident news in your area, so you can stay away from any wrecks.

4. Filling Serious Scratches and Scrapes

It’s a classic revenge story: A guy cheats, his girlfriend scratches his paint job—sometimes the other girl(s) follow suit—and we love the drama. Most scratches and scrapes, though, are less notable. It could be a tree, a wall, a dog jumping on your car…

Sometimes, these are really hard to avoid.

5. Suspension Repairs

Potholes and other road damage are other hazards we love to joke about. When craters our local governments failed to fill lead to costly suspension repairs, though, it stops being a laughing matter. 

You really should stop using unpatched roads as your personal roller-coasters!

6. Windshield and Window Work

It’s no shocker that glass repairs and replacements are a common type of car bodywork.

From hailstorms to highway spills, fallen branches to break-ins, windows and windshields are cracked, chipped, and broken on the regular. Try to park your car under shelter, and to keep all valuables at home or on your person.

More About Body Shop Repairs

These are six of the most common body shop repairs, Are you curious about the many other damages your car might take?

It’s important to know what accidents are occurring near you—If you’re in southern California, look no further than the Car Accident King, a blog that’s a great resource for keeping up to date.

You can get help in a bind, too: Just call 800-984-4123, 949-523-2558, or contact the office online right here. 

Want to do your part to reduce accidents? Just pass this blog on to inform other drivers!