6 Signs That it’s Time to Outsource Your IT

There’s no doubt that information technology services are required to keep a business going. In 2020, the world is firmly in the grasp of the digital age. If your company doesn’t reflect that with top-notch IT services, then it won’t be successful in the long term.

However, it isn’t always easy to have a technical support specialist in-house. Sometimes, the IT team that you have right now just won’t cut it in the long term. What you need to do instead is outsource IT and find outside help to fill in the gaps.

This is a big decision and can be a big expense, so you don’t want to do it if you don’t need to. But if your company is showing these six signs, then it’s probably time to go with the outsourced-IT route.

1. Current IT Isn’t Cutting It

If the current state of your IT department isn’t cutting it and you don’t have the headcount to add additional IT personnel, then it’s probably time to start thinking about how you can add outsourced personnel.

Things won’t change unless you either add outsourced personnel or more in-house employees. You don’t want your IT to keep hurting your business operations.

2. Time-Sensitive Projects in the Pipeline

If you have several time-sensitive projects in the pipeline that will require IT support that doesn’t yet exist, then you need to start looking to outsource ASAP so that you don’t let these projects be negatively affected by the lack of good IT support in your organization.

3. High Turnover

Have you found it difficult to keep your IT personnel around? Perhaps they come into the organization, stay for a couple of months, then immediately leave for a better opportunity. 

Chances are, your company may not be mature enough for in-house personnel. Instead of constantly bleeding money with the recruiting process to get a candidate that isn’t going to work out, try outsourcing.

4. Lack of Core Competency

If IT isn’t one of your core competencies (i.e. something that you do really, really well and hold that over your competition), then you don’t need to have an in-house IT department if that’s an additional cost. Outsourcing can be far more effective.

5. Think Commodity

Does your business see IT Support as a commodity or a comparative advantage? Is it something that you just require to operate (like office space), or is it a crucial part of your company that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition? 

If it’s a commodity, treat it like such and get an outsourced service.

6. Others Have to Make up

If you’re finding that other employees in different departments are having to make up for your IT department by handling tasks that would typically fall to them, then it’s time to outsource IT. You want the employees you hired for specific tasks to spend their time on those tasks and not on IT.

When to Hire an Outsourced Technical Support Specialist

There you have it — now you know when to hire an outsourced technical support specialist.

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