Planning to Relocate? 5 Must-Read Tips When Moving to a New Office

Moving to a new office but don’t know where to start? Organization and planning ahead are essential to a successful move, especially for bigger companies.

From the big equipment like computers, printers, and servers to smaller office items like staplers and filing folders, everything should be neatly packed and transported. Next, you should figure out the new office blueprint, get new furniture if needed, and clean both the old and the new space.

Feeling overwhelmed already? Keep reading to learn 5 important tips to make sure your office move goes without issues.

1. Start Planning Ahead

The first and most important step of moving into a new office space is planning ahead. This includes planning the new office layout, assigning moving tasks to people, finding a moving company, planning the days to move without interrupting the workflow, and your moving budget.

Start planning at least a few months before the move and inform your employees way ahead of time. This way, there will be no surprises and everyone will get their desks and equipment ready.

2. Include Your IT Department

The first people who should know about your office relocation plans are your IT team. They need to plan and organize everything related to the networks, computers, printers, and servers so that all data is safe and unharmed in the move.

They need to detach and reattach everything beforehand so that movers can take the equipment in the new office. The IT team will then need to figure out how to rewire and connect everything in the new office. 

3. Find the Right Moving Company

If you want a stress-free move, you need to find the right movers for your company size. Heavy equipment, paper files, desks, chairs, and lounge room stuff takes a large crew, especially if you want to move within a day or two.

Find a local moving company that specializes in moving office equipment. Your employees can all pack their desks into boxes and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

4. Schedule a Cleaning Crew

After you leave your old space and before you move into the new one, hire a cleaning crew to make both spaces spotless. You want your employees to come to clean and neat offices and leave the old building in good condition.

The best time to clean the new office is the day before everyone comes to work and all the furniture and equipment have been installed. Send a different crew into your old office as soon as the last piece of equipment is out.

5. Inform Your Employees

If you’re planning an office relocation, your employees should be the first people to know. You can schedule a meeting to inform them of the move or send an email with the details, new address, and reasons for the move. You can then take suggestions, answer questions, and tell everyone whether they’ll be expected to help and pack their own desk.

You don’t want your employees to learn about the move the day before. Many will not be able to stay after hours to help or will have tight project deadlines to meet. Communication is key during the move to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Moving To a New Office Is Easy With These Tips!

Moving into a new space is never easy, but with these tips, you can make the transition easier for everyone.

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