The 5 Most Expensive Home Repairs and How to Avoid Them


While homeownership is one of the major goals of most Americans, it can come with its fair share of stressors as well. Keeping a home up and running and increasing its value over time can take a lot of work.

Not only that, but it can be quite expensive too. While some repairs are to be expected, there are a few pricy building repairs that you would do your best to avoid having to face. Preventing major repairs can keep money in your pocket and your home in good shape.

What are some of the most expensive repairs and how can you avoid them? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Roof Repairs

If there’s one type of repair that can really break the bank, it’s repairs that need to be done to the roof of your home. Roofing is highly vulnerable to problems like leaks, wear and tear, and rotting.

Not all roof problems have to be seriously expensive. But serious damage done to a roof can result in an entire roof having to be replaced. And that can be a cost that can seriously put you into some financial trouble. And that’s without considering the cost of damage that might be done to the interior of the home.

How can you avoid this? Make sure to do regular inspections on your roof. Fixing damaged shingles and small areas can be fairly inexpensive. It’s only when you let these problems persist that they can grow into something bigger and much harder to manage.

2. HVAC Issues

Are you thinking ‘my house needs major repairs?’

If your HVAC system at home goes down, you certainly might end up feeling that way. Small problems in your air conditioning might not be too costly, but if you have to repair your entire HVAC system the bills could be through the roof.

Installation for new furnaces or other parts of an HVAC system can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The best way to avoid these kinds of through the roof costs is general maintenance and checkups.

Clear and clean your HVAC system parts when you get a chance every two months or so. Doing some can prevent problems from developing.

3. Broken Water Pipe

The reason a broken water pipe can be so expensive to replace is that it can be hard to get to. You might have to take apart a wall or dig deep into your yard to find the source of the issue.

These pipes shouldn’t break and should be made to last, but that doesn’t mean they always do. Make sure to keep an eye on them in the winter, where pipes can freeze and become more easy to break. Have them inspected regularly and you can avoid breakage.

Expensive Building Repairs To Avoid

You can’t be blamed for wanting to avoid the expensive building repairs mentioned above. With the information mentioned, you might be able to stop these pesky problems from happening.