5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Fish Tank Cleaner

While most people are not buying $300,000 Arowana for their fish tanks, all fish tank owners have one thing in common. They need their tanks to be maintained in a way that keeps everything in it healthy and happy.

Even small tanks require regular and thorough maintenance to provide a thriving ecosystem for fish, corral, and plants. Many think a small tank is easier to maintain, but that isn’t always the case. A small tank can show signs of distress sooner than a larger one if the maintenance begins to lack.

Maintenance is key and finding the right fish tank cleaner is vital. Talk to your prospective fish tank maintenance person about these topics to help you determine if they are the perfect fit:

1. Do They Have Experience With Your Type of Tank

There are many different kinds of fish tanks. There are freshwater, saltwater, coldwater, brackish, and more. Some are small, some are very large.

Make sure your fish tank cleaner has experience working with your type of tank. They each have their unique needs with lighting, filtration, and other accessories. You need a professional who has experience handling the various kinds of issues and problems that can arise. 

2. Are They Experienced With What’s In Your Tank

People put all kinds of live species, plants, coral, and inanimate objects in their fish tanks. Different species have their own requirements.

Be sure your fish tank cleaner has experience working with whatever you currently have in your tank and what you are considering putting it in the future. For instance, you don’t want to hire someone who only has experience working small freshwater tanks with freshwater fish to maintain your large saltwater tank containing live coral reef. Or if you plan to mostly grow plants, you want someone who has that knowledge.

3. Get the Details About Maintenance Visits

Tanks vary when it comes to maintenance. The size of the tank, the number of fish and type of fish, the filtration system, feeding schedule and more can make your tank harder or easier to maintain.

But if you have an averaged size saltwater or freshwater tank, every other week is likely minimal for saltwater tanks and at least once a month for freshwater. For every 250 gallons in your tank, you should be expecting the maintenance service to last between one and one-half hours and two hours. 

4. What’s Included In Their Cost

Fish tanks regularly need new filters, lights, and other parts. Will the aquarium maintenance fee cover any of these parts? If so, do they mark them up or can you purchase them yourself and have them put them in?

Does their price cover any water additives needed to maintain your tank? What about macroalgae? Find out what’s included so you can adequately compare costs between services and know what you’ll still need to pay for out-of-pocket.

5. Are They Insured

If the aquarium maintenance provider will have primary control over the health of your fish tank, ask if they are insured for fish or coral losses. Especially if you’re stocking your tank with experience species/types.

Find Your Fish Tank Cleaner Today

If you cover the above topics prior to choosing your prospective fish tank cleaner, you should be able to find the right professional to care for your tank. 

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