4 Undeniable Perks of Becoming a Barber

Do you want to check out a new career? You should consider becoming a barber.

On average, barbers earn close to $23 an hour. That number is based on job postings, not including tips or if you’re a barbershop owner.

The financial opportunities aren’t the only reason to pursue a career as a barber. Keep reading to find out other great reasons to become a barber and how you can get started.

1. More Freedom

Does the thought of having to go to an office to work make you want to run away? You have a lot more options when you’re a barber.

If you start out as an employee of a barbershop, you’ll have to work during specific days and times as decided by you and your employer.

That’s not the only way to make money as a barber. You can be an independent contractor where you rent out space of an existing barbershop. You’re responsible for getting your own clients and you set your own hours.

The other option is to start your own barbershop. You have complete control over the space, you make all the decisions, but you have all the responsibility that goes with it.

2. Be Creative

A good barber does a lot more than give crew cuts. There’s a lot of styling and creativity that goes into men’s haircuts.

These are things that give you the opportunity to express your creativity.

3. Transferrable Skills

Do you have dreams of seeing the world? You know that you can take your barbering skills with you anywhere in the world.

You can get a job on a cruise ship, in high-end hotels, or work as a mobile barber in your chosen area.

You’ll need to do your homework about getting your kit through airport security, but this is a minor problem.

You’ll be able to get paid to pursue your dreams of exploring the world.

4. You Get to Be Social

One of the best reasons why becoming a barber is a great career path is because you get paid to talk to people all day.

Guys want more than just getting a haircut. They want an overall experience. One of the growing trends in barbershops is to throw a good glass of scotch into the experience.

Other barbershops are neighborhood hangouts, where guys can go and socialize.

Steps to Becoming a Barber

How do you become a barber? First off, you need to get trained at a barber school. The program you choose should give you plenty of experience and hours you can apply towards certification.

After that, you’ll have to pass a state board exam. The exam and requirements to sit for the exam vary by state.

Upon passing your exam, you can get to work and build your career.

Start Your New Career as a Barber

If you’re looking for a new career, there are many reasons why becoming a barber is a good choice. You can take your skills all over the world and you have a lot of freedom in your work.

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